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Issues with a regional focus are addressed primarily, by CCIC, through three working groups – the Africa-Canada Forum, the Asia-Pacific Working Group and the Americas Policy Group.

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Climate Negotiations and Justice for Vulnerable Populations: Perspectives for COP 17 and Rio+20

A C4D Learning Conference in collaboration with
CCIC Africa Canada Forum
Asia Pacific Working Group and
Canadian Food Security Policy Group

September 26, 2011


Setting the Scene:  An overview of the trajectory of climate debates through UNFCCC, Rio+20 and other fora, highlighting key issues for vulnerable populations.

Pat Mooney, Executive Director, ETC Group
"We're at a moment in negotiations, both in terms of Durban and Rio, where it would be quite wrong to think that good things couldn't happen. ...There are niches of opportunities which could prove to be very important ...   If we play our cards right as civil society we can play an important role in making those things work better.”




Mohau Pheko, Her Excellency High Commissioner of the Republic of South Africa
"Of course adaptation is currently the most important issue within the African context because amongst us are very vulnerable countries who have already experienced the adverse effects of climate changes...So this is a challenge for Canadian civil society to begin to take up and intensify the actions on climate justice here in Canada.”






Financing Climate Change Mitigation: the Case of Forests:
Looking at key debates on the financing of these efforts, the role REDD+ in achieving climate goals, and outcomes for vulnerable populations.

Maria Theresa Nera-Lauron, Coordinator, People’s Movement on Climate Change, Philippines
"One fundamental flaw of REDD is that it looks at forest just as carbon sinks, but forest are more than carbon sinks. How do you come up with an accurate estimate of how much carbon is being stored? We cannot quantify lives, we cannot quantify biodiversity.”




Estebancio Castro, Executive-Secretary, International Alliance of Indigenous and Tribal Peoples of Tropical Forests
"If the UNFCCC process or the Parties within the UNFCCC cannot discuss or elaborate or find a way to accommodate the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples  it is not going to be possible. People cannot feel safe negotiating their lands or their forest because they don't have anything to have as a safeguard for the future.”




Agriculture and Climate Change

Doreen Stabinsky, Senior Advisor Trade and Governance, Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy
"An adaptation focused agenda would have direct support for agroecological practices to increase resilience, not support mediated through the market. Just give the money directly to farmers!”




Now What? Mobilization and Policy openings in the lead-up to Durban, Rio+20 and beyond:
Hopes for Durban, Rio +20 and beyond, possible policy openings and Canadian CSO action

Steven Guilbeault, Cofounder and Deputy Executive Coordinator, Equiterre (in French)
"If we don’t have much faith that something will happen at the international level, what can we do? There are a lot of people in Canada, an increasing number of people in fact, who are willing to take action. Maybe not in the government but in our municipalities and in some provinces… We need to make our fellow citizens understand that what happens elsewhere also affects us here, that we are significantly contributing to this problem, that we are all interconnected, and that we cannot afford to not care about what is going to happen. If we manage to do this, we may reach solutions…”




Roger Rashi, Climate Justice Campaign Coordinator, Alternatives
"The idea is to bring to the discussion and the negotiations people who have experience in fighting for social justice.”





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