Canadian council for international co-operation

The Council is a coalition of Canadian voluntary sector organizations working globally to achieve sustainable human development.

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Who's Who in International Development

Who’s Who in International Development is a comprehensive directory of CCIC members. It’s an invaluable tool for anyone interested in understanding the role of non-profit organizations working in Canada and overseas to end global poverty. Who’s Who is interactive and user-friendly. For more information, click here.


The Council comprises about 100 Canadian voluntary sector organizations working to end global poverty. For information on how to become a member of CCIC contact Maria Desjardins at (613) 241-7007 ext. 324.

Members must certify compliance with the CCIC Code of Ethics, which delineates minimum ethical standards in the areas of governance, organizational integrity, management/human resources, financial management and fundraising communications.

CCIC has a membership strategy that defines its position and purpose in relation to its membership and the environment in which it works, as well as the methods it uses to accomplish its mission.