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The Council is a coalition of Canadian voluntary sector organizations working globally to achieve sustainable human development.

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International Open Forum for CSO Development Effectiveness

In June 2008, CSOs launched the Open Forum for CSO Development Effectiveness. This is a multi-year global initiative to establish principles and guidelines for the development effectiveness of CSOs – in their own terms, and in light of the diverse roles of civil society in development. CCIC is a member of the Forum's Global Facilitation Group. For more information:

Canadian Consultation for the Open Forum on CSO Development Effectiveness – March 16-18, 2009

What measures are civil society organizations taking to improve their development effectiveness? Many would simply recommend imposing on CSOs the donor/government principles and commitments of the 2005 Paris Declaration. However, as part of the global Open Forum on CSO Development Effectiveness, CSOs in over 70 countries have committed to lead their own process and conduct consultations to identify sector-defined key principles.

Given the importance of helping to build the International Framework, CCIC, will bring together a cross section of Canadian CSOs working in international development, including invited Southern CSO colleagues, and government officials. The three day event integrates CSO-only processes with a dialogue on enabling policies to strengthen CSOs as development actors involving senior officials from CIDA and other government departments.

CCIC Background documents for these consultations:

Open Forum Issue Papers for these consultations:


Canadian Workshops for the Open Forum – November 2009
CCIC conducted Canadian CSO national workshops as part of the Open Forum on CSO Development Effectiveness. The wiorkshops were an opportunity for Canadian CSOs to give advice on common principles and guidelines for CSO development effectiveness. A wide range of Canadian CSO development actors, not only CCIC members, were included in the consutlation. A series of one-day preparatory meetings with interested CSOs were held in Winnipeg, Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal.

Opening presentation by Brian Tomlinson:
Focusing on the effectiveness of CSO contributions to development

audio.gif Part 1 (MP3 19:27)

audio.gif Part 2 (MP3 1:48)

audio.gif Part 3 (MP3 16:39)

audio.gif Part 4 (MP3 13:08)


Open Forum for CSO Development Effectiveness
The Open Forum for CSO Development Effectiveness was launched in June 2008 as a CSO-led process over two years of dialogue and consensus building on CSO development effectiveness principles, along with guidelines for their implementation. More information on this process and documentation on CSO development effectiveness is available from the Open Forum's web site.

North / South Civil Society Relations
At a recent conference on Civil Society and the Aid Effectiveness Agenda, CCIC's Brian Tomlinson spoke on civil society and aid effectiveness in the context of the Paris Declaration. The purpose of the International Civil Society Arena Conference in Sweden was to feed into the High Level Forum in Accra in September 2008 where progress made on the implementation of the Paris Declaration will be reviewed. (speech) (August 2007) (PDF 40 Kb)

Determinants of Civil Society and Aid Effectiveness

Reality Check on Civil Society and Development Effectiveness: Another View
produced by CCIC and ALOP (Americas) for the Reality of Aid Network (August 2008) 

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