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Future of Canadian ODA

The “Future of Canadian ODA” looking at the implications of the ODA Accountability Act and the application of international human rights standards, for Canadian aid practices was held September 29 to 30, 2009. 

The conference was co-hosted by CCIC, Amnesty International Canada, the North-South Institute, Rights and Democracy and the School of International Development and Global Studies.

Agenda (PDF 87 Kb)

Workshop Recommendations (PDF 57 Kb)

Audio Presentations:

Welcome and Overview of Context and Purpose of the Conference
Allan Rock, Chancellor, University of Ottawa (MP3 - 7:00)

Overview of Context and Purpose of the Conference (Delivered in English and French intermittently)
Gerry Barr, President-CEO, Canadian Council for International Co-operation (MP3 -  18:00) 

The ODA Accountability Act and its Implications
Gauri Sreenivasan, CCIC (MP3 - 13:00)

International Human Rights Standards and International Cooperation
Giorgiana Rosa, Amnesty International (MP3 - 10:00)

The ODA Accountability Act and Strengthening CIDA
Bill Morton, The North-South Institute (MP3 - 25:00)

Current Approaches to Implementing the ODA Accountability Act

  • Paul Samson, Director General of the Strategic Policy Directorate, Strategic Policy and Performance Branch, CIDA (MP3 - 12:00)
  • John Sloan, Director General of the Economic Policy Bureau, Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada (MP3 - 13:00)

Understanding the Practical Implications of Human Rights Standards for Canadian ODA Content and Processes

  • Alex Neve, Amnesty International Canada (MP3 - 21:00)
  • Cecilia Alemany, Association for Women's Rights in Development (MP3 - 25:00)

Synthesis of Outcomes of Group Sessions
Derek Evans, CUSO-VSO (MP3 - 20:00)

What Next: A Multi-Stakeholder Panel
(Part 1 - MP3 - 8:00) (Part 2 - MP3 - 9:00)
(Part 3 - MP3 - 22:00) (Part 4 - MP3 - 17:00)

  • Panel Moderator: Bob Carty, CBC
  • Alex Neve, Amnesty International Canada
  • Robert Fox, Oxfam Canada
  • The Honourable John McKay, MP (Scraborough-Guildwood)
  • Nancy Thede, Université de Québec à Montréal

Lessons from the Conference and Strengthening Canadian ODA
Ed Broadbent (MP3 - 26:00)

Concluding Comments by the Conference Chair
Roy Culpeper, The North-South Institute







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