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The Council is a coalition of Canadian voluntary sector organizations working globally to achieve sustainable human development.

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HRBA Partnership Workshops


What people are saying

“Rarely in our day-to-day work do we have time to sit and reflect…this [workshop] provided that opportunity, while having the chance to discuss with others in the field who are coming from a different perspective than those we regularly interact with.”

Theresa Rempel Mulaire, Canadian Foodgrains Bank



“For the first time, I feel truly connected to and understand human rights, the CSO Development Effectiveness principles and the CCIC code of ethics.  I intend to make this more central to my daily work and am motivated to strengthen this knowledge.”

April Ingham, Pacific Peoples Partnerships




“This workshop improved my understanding of the way in which all the components of the UN HR system interact with each other, and how those mechanisms can be used to support my work. It also gave me an in-depth understanding of HRBA and the language to use when describing its relevance to my country programs.”

Michelle Macinnes-Rae, War Child Canada




“The workshop provided me with practical tools with which I can identify the most significant human rights issues at play, and identify the best entry points through which my organization/ project can intervene to begin addressing those human rights issues. Connecting the HRBA with RBM was critical for me, as RBM is the framework through which I manage projects on a day to day basis.”

Kevin O’Neill, Canadian Physicians for Aid and Relief



“I appreciated the opportunity to analyse and think explicitly about my [organization’s] partnerships, as I find that too often we tend to work with partners without really thinking of how that came to be and its implications for our work.”

Sarah Power, Inter-Council Network




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