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The Council is a coalition of Canadian voluntary sector organizations working globally to achieve sustainable human development.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Dear Ms Ethics is a communication vehicle to disseminate the answers to questions about organizational ethical dilemmas that relate to the CCIC Code of Ethics and Operational Standards.

1. Hiring locally
Following the recent disaster in Haiti there have been scores of health professionals going down on short term missions to help out.  Haitian nurses and doctors are reportedly left standing on the sidelines even though their skills and language would be an asset.  Is there a part of the Code that would address the hiring of local professional or non-professional staff?

2. Knowing when we’re in compliance
How can our organization tell if we are in compliance with the Partnership Standards?

3. Partners and the Principles
Respect for the Partnership Principles must go both ways, so how can we get our Southern partners to agree to the principles?

4. How long is long-term
The Partnership Principles say that "partnerships should be vehicles for long-term accompaniment".  How long does an organization have to work with a partner - i.e., what is considered "long-term?

5. Must partners comply?
Is our organization responsible for ensuring that our Southern partners, with whom we deliver projects, comply with the Code of Ethics and Operational Standards?

6. Bibles for schools
Our overseas work includes funding student resources for public schools.  The bible is required for some schools.  Some people in our organization say that using a bible as a study tool discriminates against students of other faiths and we shouldn’t fund this practice.  What advice would you give us to ensure we are considering the ethics of this situation?

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