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The Council is a coalition of Canadian voluntary sector organizations working globally to achieve sustainable human development.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Fundraising and Communications to the Public

Dear Ms Ethics is a communication vehicle to disseminate the answers to questions about organizational ethical dilemmas that relate to the CCIC Code of Ethics and Operational Standards.

1. Explaining Admin Costs
Our organization’s fundraisers have managed to raise $200,000 but we had to spend 50% of that amount in order to do so. We will now be going to CIDA and asking for a one-to-one match on our $200,000 so that we will have raised $400,000. Our question is whether it is ethical to now say in our public material that the $100,000 it cost us to raise the funds is only 25% administration costs (using the $400,000 total) as compared to 50% (using the $200,000).

2. Party Favours
We recently had a very successful fundraising event. Would it be unethical to use organizational money to pay for a thank you party for the volunteer organizers and the celebrities who donated money and their time to the organization?

3. Political Advertisements
I have noticed in one of CCIC member’s newsletters an advertisement for a political party in Canada.  It isn’t an explicit endorsement, but are there any ethical issues that would prevent organizations from having such an advertisement in their newsletters?

4. NGO's Obligations to Respond to Targeted Donations
Our organization received a donation with specific details about where the donor wants it used. We don't have a project in the designated country, but we have many other needs for the funds. Are we obligated to forward the money to another organization?

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