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The Council is a coalition of Canadian voluntary sector organizations working globally to achieve sustainable human development.

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Reflection and Action: Ongoing reflection and dialogue better prepare people within organizations to address the complexities involved in ethical decision-making. The ethics resources provided here are intended to promote understanding and implementation of ethical practice within CCIC and its member organizations.

Code of Ethics and Operational Standards (PDF


At the heart are the CCIC Code of Ethics – the basic ethical principles that CCIC and its Member Organizations must accept and promote – and Operational Standards – the standards of practice and compliance procedures that guide organizations in implementing these principles. Additional resources – including the Guidance Document, example policies, decision-making tools, and exercises to promote discussions – have been created to assist organizations to understand and commit to the ethical principles in the Code of Ethics and to guide practices through interpretation and application of the Operational Standards. See the links on the left to access the various resources.


The Compliance Process: The purpose of the compliance process of the Code of Ethics and Operational Standards is to promote ethical behaviour within the CCIC membership. The approach used by the Council is “comply or explain”. Read more...


Answering Questions and Concerns: The CCIC Code of Ethics and Operational Standards help to guide decision-making but do not prescribe answers.  Staff and volunteers of CCIC member organizations are encouraged to raise questions about ethical practice with one another and to regularly dialogue on ethical dilemmas.  In addition, CCIC will review and respond to registrations of concern if anyone flags a situation of potential non-compliance.  Do you have a question or concern?

Want to know more about the history of CCIC's Code of Ethics?

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