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The Council is a coalition of Canadian voluntary sector organizations working globally to achieve sustainable human development.

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Registration of Ethical Concern

Before registering an ethical concern with the Membership Committee, please read the deliberation steps below.

Deliberation Steps (see the Decision Tree):

  1. The CCIC Secretariat, in consultation with the Membership Committee of the CCIC Board, will determine if the concern relates to the CCIC Code of Ethics and Operational Standards and if it is an issue that can be addressed by the Committee.  The person raising the concern will be notified of the decision. 

    Important Notes:
  • The Committee may not examine a concern if they consider it to be an issue better addressed through other venues (e.g. employment issues in the event of a lay-off). 
  • The Committee will not examine issues in a Registration of Concern that are the subject of on-going legal procedures.
  • When examining a concern, the Committee also has an ethical responsibility to consider any ethical issues not directly related to the concern that come to its attention during the review process. 
  1. If the concern falls within the Committee's mandate, then the CCIC member organization in question will be notified by phone or email that a concern has been raised.  Confidentiality of the person raising the concern will be respected, if requested, or if the Committee deems it to be necessary. In order to have all the information necessary for the Committee’s own discussion, as well as to ensure a fair process in which various perspectives and opinions are considered, a letter will be sent to the member organization asking them to review the issues and provide in writing a response to the concerns raised. The process of working with CCIC member organizations to meet the standards of the Code is intended to be a collaborative and constructive one.
  1. During its next meeting, the Membership Committee will conduct a preliminary review.  The Concern Form and the response(s) will be examined. The Committee may consult ethics experts who are familiar with CCIC and its Code of Ethics and Operational Standards. Following its internal deliberation, the Committee may:
  • seek clarification or more information;
  • determine that the issue requires no additional action; and/or
  • suggest that steps be taken for the CCIC member organization to come into compliance with the Code.
  1. In general, once all the information is received, and the preliminary review completed, the dialogue takes place only between the Membership Committee and the CCIC member in question.  If the Committee decides that there is a potential issue of compliance with the member organization then their role is not to mediate between the parties, but to work with the organization in order to ensure that the expectations of the Code are understood and respected. This exchange may take place over some time.  The individual or organization registering the concern will be notified of the Committee’s decision at key points in the process. 
  1. If the member does not cooperate in the process and/or does not satisfy the requirement to comply, a report is provided to CCIC’s Board of Directors who may determine that the organization has no longer fulfilled the requirements for CCIC membership.

    If you wish to register a concern, please submit a completed Registration of Ethical Concern form. Download in PDF or Word.
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