Corporate Partnership and Sponsorship Policy

The Canadian Council for International Co-operation (CCIC) is a coalition of Canadian organizations who work in Canada and overseas to ensure social and economic wellbeing and equality, environmental sustainability, democratic participation, and respect for human rights.


When appropriate, CCIC develops partnerships with corporations and other organizations such as government agencies, other NGOs, or labour unions. When looking at partnerships or sponsorships with corporations, CCIC seeks to:

Guidelines for partnership or sponsorship opportunities

All partnership and sponsorship opportunities must be consistent with CCIC’s:

Partnerships or sponsorships are expected to generate revenues and to be self-funding.

Partnership or sponsorship opportunities will be approved only if they are consistent with these principles and practices.

Once partnership or sponsorship opportunities are approved, CCIC will seek potential partners or sponsors.

CCIC is committed to transparency and will review potential partners or sponsors to ensure that they meet CCIC’s guidelines prior to entering into an agreement. CCIC is also prepared to be reviewed by potential partners and sponsors.

Review includes research of publicly available information including:

CCIC may also request information from individual organizations strictly for the purposes of the review. CCIC will use an appropriate level of confidentiality and would not share information provided, or the outcome of the review, with the public or the media.

Review Criteria, Screens and Restrictions

Organizations not prepared to be reviewed or to provide information necessary to a review will not be considered for a partnership or sponsorship

CCIC will not develop partnership or sponsorship agreements with organizations whose products, operations or public image are not consistent with CCIC’s guidelines noted above or the specific CCIC program or activity area being considered.

Although an organization’s past will be considered as part of this review, its recent performance is most significant. Past performance could be mitigated by recent commitment to, and action on, positive change.

The determination of appropriate partners will be based on the application of both qualitative criteria and exclusionary screens. Criteria cover both strengths and concerns under the following headings: community, diversity, employee relations, environment, off-shore operations, and product. Exclusionary screen categories include alcohol/gambling/tobacco, military and nuclear.

Evaluation about potential partner organizations’ fit with these guidelines and criteria will be made on a case-by-case basis using up-to-date frameworks developed by the socially responsible investing (SRI) community.

Recommendations on potential partners to approach will be made by CCIC’s management and decided upon by the CCIC Board Executive.

All on-going partnerships or sponsorships will be based on a written agreement between CCIC and the partner or sponsor. An agreement will be for a specified period of time, normally not greater than two years, with possible renewals depending on an evaluation of performance and results.

An agreement will specify the type and extent of support expected of the partner or sponsor and CCIC. It will also specify the benefits expected to be received by all parties and the requirements and obligations of the parties. The agreement will also address liability and insurance issues as appropriate.

Single activity partnerships (e.g. sponsorship support for a one-time event) will operate with an exchange of letters.

Partner or sponsor recognition and endorsement
Partner or sponsor recognition will be commensurate with the value and scope of the partnership or sponsorship. This may include recognition of the partner or sponsor in specified pieces of literature, at events, or through media relations (done individually or jointly).

CCIC will not explicitly endorse any corporation or product.

Editorial control and identification
CCIC will have involvement in and approval of partnership or sponsorship programming including conceptual development, planning, implementation, and evaluation.

CCIC shall have editorial control over, and final approval of, all issue-related and educational material or portions of materials associated with the project produced by either CCIC or partners.

CCIC retains final approval on all uses of its name, trademarks, and logo applications.

Use of the CCIC name or materials will not be permitted by any person, corporation or organization without the express written consent of CCIC.

Size and place of CCIC and partner identification will be determined on an individual project basis.

No specific product, brand name or trademark identification, in either written, visual or audio format, shall be contained within the editorial content of printed or audio-visual material. Product brand name, trademark identification and other such corporate messages shall be in keeping with the sponsorship profile and position defined at the inception of the project and shall be approved by CCIC.

CCIC and its partners or sponsors will respond to requests for approvals for editorial and identification purposes on a timely basis.



Income Ceiling

Reporting to Membership

Evaluation of Partnership Policy

Adopted by the CCIC Board of Directors
December 1998

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