S1 - Preamble
S2 - Partnerships
S3 - Governance
S4 - Organizational Integrity
S5 - Finances
S6 - Fundrainsing & Communications to the Public
S7 - Management Practices & Human Ressources
S8 - Acheiving Compliance
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S 2.3
Raison d'être
Indicateurs de conformité
Questions éthiques à poser
Exemples de bonnes pratiques éthiques
Exemples de mauvaises pratiques
  1. Terms, conditions and appropriate procedures for ending the partnership shall be included in the partnership agreement.


Organizational capacities and priorities change over time, and it is realistic to acknowledge the possibility that partnerships, like personal relationships, may run their course and cease to work well for one partner or both. Complying with this Standard provides an opportunity for partners to reflect on what a respectful and fair end to the partnership might look like, in advance of such a situation actually arising. It is easier to decide on fair and equitable terms for ending a partnership before possible antagonism arises between the partners as a result of the termination. 


This Standard limits the ability of more powerful parties to unilaterally end the relationship and revoke their support without due regard for the impact on, and needs of, their partners. It serves to affirm that even during the dissolution of a partnership prompted by a divergence of opinion or values, partner organizations and others involved should be treated with dignity, based on respect for differences and the adoption of a stance of moral humility (accepting the possibility that we are wrong). 

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Indicators of Compliance
Indicators of Compliance
  • The Organization has discussed with partners, in advance, the circumstances which might precipitate an end to the partnership, and what a respectful and dignified end might look like.
  • The specific process that should be followed in such an event has been documented as part of the partnership agreement.
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Ethical Questions to ask
Ethical Questions to ask
  • How would I like to be treated if I were a member of the organization with whom we are ending a partnership?
  • Are the terms and procedures for ending the partnership equitable and respectful? 
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Examples of good ethical practice
Examples of good ethical practice
  • Including, in the procedures, two-way feedback about what did and did not work well during the partnership, so that all parties are strengthened in their ability to form sustainable new partnerships.
  • Including procedures on how each partner will communicate the ending of the partnership in its respective country, and/or how they will do that together.
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Examples of poor practice
Examples of poor practice
  • A short e-mail or voice message abruptly ending the partnership without giving reasons and opportunity for dialogue.