S1 - Preamble
S2 - Partnerships
S3 - Governance
S4 - Organizational Integrity
S5 - Finances
S6 - Fundrainsing & Communications to the Public
S7 - Management Practices & Human Ressources
S8 - Acheiving Compliance
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S 2.3
Raison d'être
Indicateurs de conformité
Questions éthiques à poser
Exemples de bonnes pratiques éthiques
Exemples de mauvaises pratiques
  1. In the event of unforeseen circumstances, all partners shall endeavour to maintain the same standards of conduct when winding down the partnership as were agreed upon for the operations of the partnership.


Respect for others requires that the highest standards of ethics apply to relationships, in good times and bad. There are times when the need for ending a partnership may arise in acrimonious circumstances that could lead to unfair treatment of one partner or both. It is therefore essential to explicitly acknowledge and adhere to standards of conduct at all times, to reduce the possibility of unfair treatment and long-lasting ill feelings. Partners should hold each other accountable not only for results and spending but also for the way in which they have jointly agreed to conduct themselves during the operation and dissolution of a partnership. 

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Indicators of Compliance
Indicators of Compliance
  • The Organization and its partner have reflected on the standards of conduct that should prevail during the operation of a partnership, and have considered how those should be respected during the winding down of the partnership.
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Ethical Questions to ask
Ethical Questions to ask
  • Are we promoting peaceful solutions to conflict in the winding down of this partnership?
  • What kind of relationship would we like to have, if any, with this organization after the dissolution of the partnership, and are we acting consistently with this?
  • How can we minimize harm to all those who will be affected here?
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Examples of good ethical practice
Examples of good ethical practice
  • Discussing with the partner what actions would be consistent with agreed-upon standards given the changed circumstances.
  • Asking the partner about local implications of the wind-down, and helping to mitigate any negative effects.
  • Acting as a reference for the partner as it seeks potential new partners, as long as honest feedback would be positive and helpful to the former partner.
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Examples of poor practice
Examples of poor practice
  • Bad-mouthing the former partner.
  • Taking credit for everything that went well, and blaming the partner for everything that went wrong.