Reclaiming the Commons: Promoting a North/South Agenda for Environmental Justice

Policy Roundtable 
January 14, 2009  
9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Ottawa, Canada 
The Albert at Bay Suite Hotel  
435 Albert St. 

*Simultaneous interpretation will be provided

The "Reclaiming the Commons" policy roundtable is an opportunity for CCIC members to discuss and profile issues in environmental justice and international co-operation. As we are joined by the presence of our colleagues from around the world, this is an important opportunity to better understand Southern perspectives on environmental justice and to share our work and perspectives on this theme.

Members working on these issues are encouraged to participate as this event will begin the process of building a North/South agenda for environmental justice for the sector.

Invited guests and speakers include:

M. Athena Ballesteros, Senior Associate, International Financial Flows and Environment, World Resources Institute

Mohamed Aly Ag Hamana, Regional Pastoral Programme Expert, West Africa, Oxfam GB

Nafisa Goga D’Souza, Laya, the Indian Network on Ethics and Climate Change (TBC)

Nicola Bullard, Senior Associate, Focus on the Global South

Steven Guilbeault, Co-founder, Deputy Director and Spokesperson for Climate and Energy, Équiterre

Pat Mooney, Executive Director, Etc. Group

Graham Saul, Executive Director, Climate Action Network Canada

Gerry Barr, President-CEO, Canadian Council for International Co-operation (CCIC)

To register or for more information contact Dana Stefov at or  
613- 241-7007 ext. 357. To register, click here.

The final Roundtable agenda and other key documents will be circulated to registered participants the week prior to January 14, 2009.

To download a draft agenda, please click here.

To review the concept note for this event, please click here.