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The Council is a coalition of Canadian voluntary sector organizations working globally to achieve sustainable human development.

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CIDA Partnerships with Canadians Branch

Background Information


A New Deal Between CIDA and Canadian NGOs

In March 2011 CCIC published a model agreement to “serve as the basis for beginning a discussion with the Agency and with Canadian Parliamentarians”, said then CCIC President-CEO Gerry Barr. The Model Agreement is rooted in the affirmation of shared principles. It includes a human rights approach to development and a respect for sustainable development strategies. This approach is supportive of the involvement of Canadian citizens and acknowledges the proper role of civil society organizations when it comes to advocacy to contribute to better public policy debate in Canada... read more. (April 2011).

CCIC Letter to Minister Oda on competitive bidding process

Dear Minister, CIDA’s Canadian civil society partners have followed closely Partnership with Canadians Branch’s (PwCB) Partnership Modernization and Effectiveness Framework, which you announced this past July. You set out “a new approach to engage Canadians and organizations involved in international development,” whereby all CIDA/CSO “partnerships” will be determined exclusively through competitive bidding processes... read more. (November 2010).

CCIC’s Analysis of CIDA’s Partnerships with Canadians: Renewing the Mandate of Canadian Partnership Branch

CIDA’s Backgrounder for the Minister’s announcement of a new mandate for Canadian Partnership Branch (CPB) unfortunately does not give clear indications on the future for different funding modalities in CPB to implement the mandate. The announcement states that CIDA “will streamline the application process and reduce the administrative burden for project applications”... read more. (August 2010).


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