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The Council is a coalition of Canadian voluntary sector organizations working globally to achieve sustainable human development.

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Emerging Leaders 2013
Annual Forum and 45th Annual General Meeting
MAY 23-24, 2013

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The Canadian Council for International Co-operation
is seeking nominations for
to attend the
Annual Forum and AGM 2013: May 23 & 24

“Development and Social Transformation as Shared Responsibility: Building new Bridges and Connections”

Are you a young person (age 20 to 30) working or volunteering in a CSO in Canada, with a passion for international development?  Do you work in an organization that is a member of CCIC and is planning to attend this year’s 2013 Forum? Do you want to be involved in the discussions and strategizing on the future of aid and development in Canada?

The Canadian Council for International Co-operation (CCIC) is a coalition of Canadian voluntary sector organizations working globally to achieve sustainable human development. Each year, civil society organizations (CSOs) from across the country convene for the Annual CCIC Forum -and AGM- to discuss, debate and strategize around the most pressing issues for civil society and international development.  You can find out more about previous forums at:

The theme of this year’s AGM is entitled: “Development and Social Transformation as Shared Responsibility: Building new Bridges and Connections”, and will be an important moment for CSOs across the country to discuss the future of the sector in Canada. In order to foster new and innovative ideas, as well as to provide space and opportunity for Canada’s young and promising professionals to contribute to and shape the development agenda in the country, CCIC has created an “Emerging Leaders” category of registration for the upcoming 2013 National Forum. To attend the Forum at this reduced rate, Emerging Leaders must:

  • Work for or volunteer with a CCIC member who is already sending a delegate to the Forum
  • Be dedicated to the field of international development and civil society
  • Demonstrate qualities of creativity, dedication, energy and enthusiasm in their work

At the event, beyond contributing to the broader discussions and debates at the Forum with participants from across the country, Emerging Leaders will also be able to take advantage of several youth-targeted activities. Highlights will include:

  • Networking with civil society actors from across Canada, and being connected up and introduced to other Emerging Leaders
  • Attending a private workshop about advocacy and lobbying around international development in Canada
  • Contributing to the Forum with targeted blog posts and social media updates during the Forum
  • Attending a meeting with parliamentarians on May 24th to bring your views and issues on youth, civil society and development to some of Canada’s political leaders  (TBC)

As part of this initiative, we will also ask selected Emerging Leaders to commit to sharing their experiences at the Forum with their home organization (ie: contribute a piece in your newsletter, write a blog post, conduct a brown bag lunch session for colleagues, etc…)

This is a great opportunity for young civil society professionals from across Canada to meet, share and develop their roles and vision for the future of Canadian international development and civil society!

In addition to participating in all the Forum activities, the emerging leaders will take part in a special set of activities described in the

TO APPLY: Please fill in the application form below, and send your completed form to (automated process)

DEADLINE: May 16, 2013

PDF application form

Thank you in advance for your interest!

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For further information please contact:

Amy Bartlett
Tel: 613-241-7007 Ext. 307
Anna Campos
Tel: 613-241-7007 Ext. 324


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