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Canada Corps - Request for input from CIDA 
In response to a request for input from CIDA regarding the public engagement component of Canada Corps, CCIC commissioned Betty Plewes to draft a discussion document. "Promoting Global Citizenship: Canada Corps within a CIDA Policy Framework” was finalized in consultation with members and submitted to CIDA. It recommends that CIDA develop a comprehensive agency-wide policy framework for public engagement, and that Canada Corps activities be developed within this framework. (document) (June 2005) (PDF 177 Kb)

Regional Consultations on Public Engagement and Active Global Citizenship Report: CCIC regional consultations on Public Engagement and Active Global Citizenship were held earlier this year. The consultations, made possible through funding from the International Development Research Centre (IDRC), were organized in partnership with the seven regional/provincial councils for international cooperation. Participants included public engagement staff and volunteers from the councils member organizations as well as certain key partners. (June 2005) (PDF 122 Kb)


Canada Corps - Ways to enhance its value
In response to the federal government's announcement about a new initiative called Canada Corps, CCIC, with the financial support of the Walter & Duncan Gordon Foundation, undertook activities to explore ways to enhance the value of Canada Corps. These included a civil society roundtable, a mapping of civil society programmes that already involve sending Canadians overseas in areas related to governance, and a research document commissioned to provide analysis of the initiative:

Canada Corps - Documents
A Discussion of Canada Corps: Report on a Civil Society Roundtable (PDF 355 Kb)
Mapping - Canada corps (PDF 331 Kb)
Hubris, Humility and Human Resources: Notes on the Proposed Canada Corps by
Ian Smillie. (PDF 128 Kb)

International Policy Review
As part of the International Policy Review, CCIC produced "Engaging Canadians: Strengthening Canadians as Active Global Citizens"
Policy Paper (PDF 111 Kb) and Briefing Note (June 2004) (PDF 65 Kb) 

Public Deliberations

Reports and Analysis
Reflections on Water: Canadians deliberate issues of access to fresh water - Final Report (April 2004) (PDF 213 Kb)

Reflections on Water: Canadians deliberate issues of access to fresh water - Newsletter (March 2004) (PDF 263 Kb)


Public Deliberations
Understanding Deliberation
An Overview of Deliberation (updated November 2003) 

Participants' Guides
Reflections on Water: Talking About Issues of Access to Fresh Water (September 2003) (PDF 693 Kb)

Reports and Analysis
Food for Thought: Canadians Deliberate International Trade in Food - Final Report (July 2003) (PDF 537 Kb)

Food for Thought: Canadians deliberate international trade in food - Newsletter no. 2  (July 2003) (PDF 161 Kb)

Assessing Public Engagement
In 2003, CCIC hosted the workshop "Signs of Change: Assessing our Public Engagement Impacts". The workshop report : Signs of Change (April 6-7 2003) (PDF 514 Kb) highlights the key challenges CCIC members face in assessing their engagement efforts, incorporates the workshop presentation materials, case studies, assessment frameworks, and sample indicator banks generated through group exercises.


Public Deliberations
Reports and Analysis
Food for Thought: Canadians deliberate international trade in food - Newsletter no.1 (September 2002) (PDF 201 Kb)

Food for thought: Talking about what matters in International Trade of Food: Participants' Guide  (March 2002) (PDF 399 Kb)

Building on Strength
The CCIC workshop "Building on Strength", held in February 2002, was an opportunity for members to share over two years of experience working with CIDA's Public Engagement Strategy, exploring how it has changed their work, and how related funding mechanisms and criteria support their own goals for public engagement (PE).

Building on Strength-Final Workshop Report (April 2002) (PDF 198 Kb)
Building on Strength speaking notes - Esperanza Moreno (February 2002)
Building on Strength speaking notes - Gerry Barr (February 2002)
Building on Strength workshop outcomes (February 2002)


Public Deliberations
Opening Dialogue, Opening Minds: Article by the Caledon Institute of Social Policy on CCIC's public deliberation work (October 2001) (PDF 119 Kb) 


An Assessment of CIDA's Public Engagement Strategy, by Jacquie Dale (CCIC) (December 1999)

Resources and Links
Meaningful Chaos: How People Form Relationships with Public Concerns (prepared by the Harwood Group for the Kettering Foundation) (PDF 168 Kb)

Public Deliberations
Executive Summary - "Choices in common, Communities in common: Canadians Deliberate About Globalization" (October 1999) (PDF 213 Kb) 

Newsletter #1, April 1999

Newsletter #2, June 1999

Newsletter #3, October 1999 (PDF 62 Kb)

More than a Free Trip
(article by Kerry Campbell, National Youth Forum participant)

Final Report of National Youth Forum: "Environment Must be Our Top Priority"  (PDF 53 Kb)

Final Report -- (PDF 174 Kb)"Choices in common, Communities in common: Canadians Deliberate About Globalization" and its Appendix: (PDF 108 Kb) Pre- and Post-Forum Questionnaire Results

Poverty and Inequity: A Global Challenge: Participants' Guide  (March 1998)  (PDF 420 Kb)

A World in Common: Talking About What Matters in a Borderless World: Participants' Guide (March 1999) (PDF 395 Kb)


Engaging Citizens in Foreign Policy (article from International Association for Public Participation - IAP2) (1998)


CCIC Reports and Papers
Global Citizenship: A New Way Forward (report from CCIC Task Force on Building Public Support for Sustainable Human Development)  (September 1996) (PDF 200 Kb)


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