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Open Forum for CSO Development Effectiveness

An Open Forum for CSO Development Effectiveness:  A Progress Report 
(July 2008) (PDF 36 Kb)

Report on the Exploratory Meeting on the Effectiveness of Civil Society Organisations (June 29-30, 2008) (PDF 129 Kb)

Advisory Group on CSOs and Aid Effectiveness

Concept Paper:  Civil Society and Aid Effectiveness (September 2007) (PDF 129 Kb) (also available in Spanish) (PDF 103 Kb)

Issues Paper: Civil Society and Aid Effectiveness (September 2007) (PDF 113 Kb) (also available in Spanish – PDF 130 Kb)

CCIC Leadership Forum / National Consultation, January 17-18, 2008, Ottawa (PDF 51 Kb)

Summary and Recommendations – International Steering Group's Position Paper (March 2008)

Independent International CSO Steering Committee Policy Brief (January 2008) (PDF 65 Kb)

Other documents:

Summary Report of the CCIC Leadership Forum and Canadian Consultation on Canadian International Cooperation CSOs and Aid Effectiveness.  (January 17-18 2008) (PDF 331 Kb)


North / South Civil Society Relations

At a recent conference on Civil Society and the Aid Effectiveness Agenda, CCIC's Brian Tomlinson spoke on civil society and aid effectiveness in the context of the Paris Declaration. The purpose of the International Civil Society Arena Conference in Sweden was to feed into the High Level Forum in Accra in September 2008 where progress made on the implementation of the Paris Declaration will be reviewed. (speech) (August 2007) (PDF 40 Kb)



The Paris Declaration

Partnerships for Development: A CCIC / CIDA Dialogue, May 2006
CCIC organized a workshop at the end of May 2006 to discuss how new aid modalities, as represented in the 2005 Paris Declaration may affect civil society organizations in the South and the North.  The audio files are the three presentations by the panelists on this issue.

CCIC Report on the CCIC/CIDA Civil Society Dialogue on Effective Partnerships for Development (August 2006) (PDF 172 Kb)

Strengthening Canada's Role in the World Toward Greater Effectiveness of International Aid -- Dialogue with Canadian Partners, CIDA (May 2006) (PDF 82 Kb)

The Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness: 
Donor Commitments and Civil Society

CCIC Background Document (May 2006) (PDF 112 Kb)

Summary of CCIC Background Document (May 2006) (PDF 36 Kb)

The International Aid Effectives Agenda:  Substance, Trends and Implications for Civil Society, Réal Lavergne, Canadian International Development Agency (May 27, 2006) (MS PowerPoint 217 Kb)

Audio Presentation by Muthoni Wanyeki, FEMNET, Kenya (May 27, 2006) (MP3 – 6,792 kb)

Audio Presentation by Ezra Mbogori, MWENGO, Zimbabwe (May 27, 2006) (MP3 – 4,507  kb)

Other documents:

Backgrounder on the 2007 Federal Budget (October 2006) (PDF 79 Kb)

Briefing Note (PDF 54 Kb), Facts and Figures (November 2006) (PDF 53 Kb)

Update Note on the 2006 ODA Budget (October 2006) (PDF 62 Kb)

Bill C-293: Aid Accountability Legislation (August 2006) (PDF 25 Kb)
(Bill C-293 web page)

May 2006 Federal Budget -- A CCIC Review (May 2006) (PDF 32 KB)

A Legislated Mandate for Foreign Aid (March 2006) (PDF 42 Kb)

Pre-Budget Background Note (March, 2006) (PDF 43 Kb)

CCIC Pre-Budget Backgrounder (March, 2006) (PDF 99 Kb)


The Economic and Fiscal Update -- Implications for Canadian International Cooperation (November, 2005) (PDF 48 Kb)

Decision Time –- Briefing Note on Upcoming Federal Budget
(September 2005) (PDF 53 Kb).

CIDA Estimates 2005-2006 -- Part III:  Report on Plans and Priorities -- A CCIC Review of Highlights (April 14, 2005) (PDF 68 Kb)

Federal Budget 2005:  Mixed Messages for Canada's Commitment to Ending Global Poverty -- A CCIC Analysis and Commentary (February 24, 2005) (PDF 49 Kb)

Canada and Millennium Development Goal Eight:  A Summary Chart (May 2005) (PDF 56Kb)


CCIC's Analysis to increase Canadian Foreign Aid.
Federal Budget 2005 - Achieving the Millenium Development Goals
Briefing Paper (November 2004) (PDF 271 Kb)
Briefing Note (November 2004) (PDF 53 Kb) 

The March 23rd Budget retained the commitment made by former Prime Minister Chrétien to increase Canadian aid by 8% and double aid between 2002 and 2009. CCIC analyzes some of the details and implications for international cooperation and aid in this Budget. (Summary) (March 2004)

Renewing Canadian Aid Policy and Practice

At the Table or in the Kitchen?  CIDA's New Aid Strategies, Developing Country Ownership and Donor Conditionality -- CCIC/Halifax Initiative Briefing Paper (September 2004) (PDF 228 Kb)

At the Table or in the Kitchen?  CIDA's New Aid Strategies, Developing Country Ownership and Donor Conditionality -- Summary -- CCIC/Halifax Initiative Briefing Paper (September 2004) (PDF 66 Kb)

ODA:  Options and Challenges for Canada by Ian Smillie (March 2004) (PDF 153 Kb)

Reflections on the Implementation of CIDA's Aid Effectiveness Strategies in the Nine Countries of Priority -- Summary of Highlights and Conclusions (March 2004) (PDF 33 Kb) 

CIDA publishes its Sustainable Development Strategy, 2004 to 2006. CIDA's third Sustainable Development Strategy lays out "CIDA's business plan" for 2004 to 2006. The Strategy sets out indicators for economic well-being, social development, environmental sustainability and governance. (Synopsis) (March 2004)

A CCIC Commentary on "The UNDP Commission on the Private Sector and Development -- Unleashing Entrepreneurship: Making Business Work for the Poor"  (March 2004) (PDF 114 Kb)


The 2004 Federal Budget -- Achieving the Millenium Development Goals (October 2003) (PDF 302 Kb)

A CCIC Commentary on "A Development Co-operation Lens on Terrorism Prevention:  Key Entry Points of Action" -- A Policy Statement by the Development Assistance Committee, OECD, April 2003 (October 2003) (PDF 238 Kb)

Expanding Opportunites Through Private Sector Development: A CCIC Review of CIDA's Policy (September 2003)

A Commentary on Expanding Opportunities: Framework for Private Sector Development, a CIDA Consultation Document Submitted by Canadian Labour Congress and CCIC (March 2003) (PDF 97 Kb)

The Federal Budget Plan for 2003 -- Fulfilling Canada’s Commitment to Increase Aid by 8%. Analysis by CCIC's Policy Team (February 2003) (PDF 74 Kb)

Dialogue on Local Ownership:
Lessons on Aid Effectiveness from Civil Society

The themes of ownership and capacity building in the context of CIDA's new aid directions were considered in March 2003 as CCIC members joined with CIDA colleagues at the Dialogue on Local Ownership.

Presentation by Réal Lavergne on Local Ownership and Changing Relationships in Development Cooperation (March 20, 2003) (PDF 167 Kb)

Background Papers and Issues

Report on the CCIC/CIDA Dialogue 2003: "Local Ownership: Roles for Southern and Canadian Civil Society Organizations" (March 2003) (PDF 375 Kb)

Local Ownership and Development Co-operation — The Role of Northern Civil Society (March 2003) (PDF 204 Kb)

Roles for Civil Society in Developing Countries (March 2003)

Case Studies

Transforming International Cooperation: The Example of ACORD -- Inter Pares
(March 2003)

Value-Added: The BRAC-AKFC Partnership -- Aga Khan Foundation Canada (March 2003)

Making "Local Ownership" a Reality, Case Study of the Horn of Africa Capacity Building Program - Oxfam Canada and Oxfam Québec (March 2003) (PDF 150 Kb)

Creating Capacity for Democracy: The West African Trade Unions Education for Democracy Project of the Canadian Labour Congress (March 2003) 

Coalitions for Women's Rights and Citizenship: A Collective Force for Action and Influence - CECI (March 2003) (PDF 169 Kb)

North-South Relations for Participatory Development - The Association for People's Development in Nicaragua and Cardinal Léger et ses Oeuvres (March 2003)


Letter to Minister Whelan regarding Canada making a difference in the world: a policy statement on strengthening aid effectiveness (October 2002) (PDF 74 Kb)

A CCIC Budget Briefing 2003 - Holding the Government to its Commitments (October 2002) (PDF 107 Kb)

CCIC's Summary Highlights and Implications regarding CIDA's Canada Making a Difference in the World: A Policy Statement on Strengthening Aid Effectiveness (September 2002)

CCIC/CIDA 2002 Consultations - Summary Report (April 17-18, 2002) (PDF 156 Kb)

Strengthening CIDA Partnerships with Canadian Civil Society Organizations - CCIC/CIDA Consultations (April 17 – 18, 2002) (PDF 97 Kb)

A CCIC Briefing Note: CIDA 2002/03 Estimates -- Part III – Report on Plans and Priorities (March 2002) (PDF 33 Kb)

Joint Letter of International Cooperation Organizations to Prime Minister Chrétien on Financing for Development (February 2002)



A CCIC Briefing Note: CIDA 2002/03 Estimates -- Part III – Report on Plans and Priorities (PDF 32 Kb)

Increasing Canadian International Assistance: The Approach of the December 2001 Federal Budget, Analysis of Budget Plan 2001 (PDF 17 Kb)

Canadian Foreign Aid and the Upcoming 2002/03 Federal Budget: A CCIC Policy Briefing Note (December 2001)

CCIC Joint Letter to Prime Minister Chrétien on Aid Spending (December 2001)

Letter to the Honourable Minister Minna on Aid Effectiveness (September 2001)

Proposals to Untie Canadian Aid - A CCIC Policy Briefing Note (September 2001)

CCIC Briefing Note. Strengthening Aid Effectiveness: New Approaches to Canada's International Assistance Program (July 2001)

Strengthen Aid Effectiveness: New Approaches to Canada’s International Assistance (June 2001) (PDF 206 Kb)

Letter Sent to the Honorourable Maria Minna on CIDA's Strategic Directions (April 2001)

Civil Society and Development Cooperation: An Issues Paper -- Prepared by CIDA, Canadian Partnership Branch (March 2001) (PDF 271 Kb)

CCIC/CIDA Roundtable and Consultation Report (February 2001) (PDF 283 Kb)

An Honourable Commitment: Policy Coherence in Canada's Relations with the Global South -  A paper prepared by Inter Pares situating CIDA's Long-Term Strategy within broader foreign policy considerations. (February 2001) (PDF 130 Kb)

Appendix A, Case Studies, CCIC's Commentary on CIDA's Draft Long Term Strategy (February 2001) (PDF 91 Kb)

CCIC's Commentary on CIDA's Draft Long-Term Strategy (January 2001) (PDF 235 Kb)



Towards a Long Term Strategy for Canadian Aid: A Summary of Questions (December 2000) (PDF 167 Kb)

Sector Wide Approaches: What are the Issues (November 2000)

CIDA Background Paper on SWAPs (October 2000) (PDF 62 Kb)

Renewing Canadian Aid -- An in common and CCIC Fact Sheet (October 2000)

Letter to Prime Minister Chrétien (October 2000)

Meeting Our Global Commitments: Rebuilding Canadian Aid to Tackle Poverty (October 2000)

Auditor General's Report 2000: A Summary of Messages on Canadian ODA (October 2000)

CIDA's Social Development Priorities: A Framework for Action: A CCIC Summary and Analysis (September 2000) (PDF 92 Kb)

Minister Minna's Social Agenda for CIDA: An Exchange of Letters (July 2000)

Dakar World Education Forum: A Report by Bill Hynd (OXFAM-Canada) (June 2000) (PDF 40 Kb)

Report on an IDRC Workshop on Global Public Goods and International Cooperation (April 2000)


A CCIC / in common Policy Roundtable Strategies for Renewing Canada’s International Assistance Conference Report (December 1999) (PDF 140 Kb)

Strategies for Renewing Canadian Aid: Key Messages (November 1999)

Action Agenda ODA Renewal Lobby - 1999/2000 (November 1999)

Renewing Canadian Aid: A CCIC/in common Fact Sheet (November 1999) (PDF 54 Kb)

CCIC Submission to the House of Commons Standing Committee on Finance (September 1999) (PDF 34 Kb)

A Call to End Global Poverty: Renewing Canadian Aid Policy and Practice, A Policy Background Paper (March 1999) (PDF 578 Kb)


A Consultation on Tied Aid Issues with CIDA, Policy Branch and DFAIT, Economic Relations with Developing Countries (October 1998) (PDF 42 Kb)

Canada, Development Cooperation Review Series, No 26, Development Assistance Committee, OECD (1998)


Rapport de la session spéciale des Nations unies sur le Sommet de la Terre + 5 (juin 1997) (PDF 70 Kb) (Available in French only)

Partnership in Question: A CCIC/CIDA Roundtable


Partners, Collaborators or Patron-Clients: Defining Relationships in the Aid Industry (August 1999) (PDF 128 Kb)

Partnership in Question -- A CIDA/CCIC Roundtable Discussion (August 1999)

Canadian ODA Budget Analysis


CCIC Briefing Note – Donors Fail to Deliver on Promises Revealed in DAC Preliminary 2007 ODA Numbers (April 4, 2008) (PDF 26 kb)


Backgrounder on the 2008/09 Federal Budget (October 2007) (PDF 55 Kb)
(charts) (PDF 14 Kb)


Increasing Canadian International Assistance: The Approach of the December 2001 Federal Budget. Analysis of Budget Plan (2001) (PDF 18 Kb) 

Canadian Foreign Aid and the Upcoming 2002/03 Federal Budget: A CCIC Policy Briefing Note (December 2001)


Projecting Canadian Aid for FY 2001/02: A Review of the 2001/02 Part III Estimates (April 2000)

A CCIC Review of the 2000/01 Part III Estimates: Report on Plans and Priorities for International Cooperation
(April 2000)

CCIC Analysis of the Federal Budget 2000 - CCIC’s Analysis of International Commitments (2000)


Canadian ODA Update: 1999/2000 CIDA Expenditure Estimates (March 1999)

ODA Update 1999/2000 Supplement (Voluntary Sector) (March 1999)

Reality of Aid


Canada Chapter (PDF 58 Kb)

Political Chapter (PDF 214 Kb)

World Trends (PDF 385 Kb)

World Trends Addendum (PDF 64 Kb)

Order Form (PDF 22 Kb)

News Release (PDF 19 Kb)

Conflict Prevention and Recovery (PDF 33 Kb)

Facts and Figures (PDF 41 Kb)

Focus on Ending Poverty (PDF 33 Kb)

Key Proposals (PDF 22 Kb) 


Reality of Aid Network Update (August 2004) (PDF 54 Kb)

Whose Security? Whose Rights? Governance and Human Rights in International Cooperation -- Conference Report
(May 2004) (PDF 252 Kb)

Canada Chapter
(PDF 85 Kb)

Political Overview
 (PDF 343 Kb)

Background (PDF 112 Kb)



NGOs Assess CIDA's Focus on Social Development

Promoting ownership and gender equality (PDF 135 Kb)

Never Richer, Never Meaner: World Aid Trends (PDF 187 Kb)

Political Overview (PDF 297 Kb)

A Summary of Key Messages (PDF 190 Kb)


Reality Check June 2000 (PDF 345 Kb)

Canada Chapter (PDF 190 Kb)

Summary of Key Messages (PDF 114 Kb)

Basic Education Facts


Reality of Aid 1998-1999 -- Canada Chapter (PDF 57 Kb)

Reality of Aid 1998-1999 -- Main messages (PDF 49 Kb)

Reality of Aid 1997-1998 -- Canada Chapter (PDF 47 Kb)


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