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Symposium 2008 “Africa Matters: Developing an Agenda for Canadian Action”
The ACF identified as a key priority for 2008 the development of a multi-year strategy for action to put Africa back on the Canadian agenda. The annual Symposium was used to review and update ACF messages in order to articulate what we want to see for the Canadian government and civil society’s engagement in Africa.

See the agenda (PDF 90 Kb)


Démocratisation et édification des États en Afrique: Enjeux et perspectives tels que vus d’en bas - Noël Twagiramungu, The Fletcher School-Tufts University, USA (PDF 105 Kb) (available in French only)

Women’s Rights and Women’s Movements in Africa - Rose Mensah-Kutin (PhD), Convenor, The Network for Women's Rights In Ghana (NETRIGHT) (PDF 105 Kb)

Mineral Resource Extraction in Africa: Continuity and Shifts, Lessons - Abdulai Darimani, Third World Network-Africa (PDF 138 Kb)

Thematic Discussions: 

Les femmes dans l’économie - Denise Gagnon, Fédération des travailleurs et travailleuses du Québec (FTQ) (PDF 360 Kb)  (available in French only)

The Green Revolution: What future for Africa’s agriculture? Joachim Bazié, Institut africain de développement économique (INADES Formation) (PPT 209 Kb) (available in French only)


Letter to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, David Emerson. After the release of the Presidential Report on the Mining Sector in Tanzania, meetings were held between Canadian High Commission staff and Tanzanian legislators. Canadian and Tanzanian civil society organizations are concerned that Canada may be pressuring Tanzanian legislators not to endorse the report. (PDF 39 Kb) (July 23, 2008)

Annual General Meeting 2008
Looking at Policies: Concretizing Solidarity and Action

China in the World: Implications for Development
This public event is being organized by CCIC’s Africa-Canada Forum and Asia Pacific Working Group and the University of Ottawa’s African Studies Research Laboratory. Firoze Manji, Director of Fahamu and Pambazuka News, will speak on China in Africa, and Charles Burton, Associate Professor of Political Science at Brock University, on China in Asia. The conference will be held on April 16 from 7:00pm to 9:00pm at the University of Ottawa, Desmarais Building, room 1160. Interpretation in French and English will be provided. (biographical notes) (PDF 13 Kb) (poster) (PDF 23 Kb)

China in Africa: Neo-colonialism or a New Avenue for South-South Cooperation?
A review of perspectives written by Étienne Girouard for the Africa-Canada Forum (PDF 100 Kb) (April 2008)

CIDA, Civil Society and Development: A Discussion Paper
(February 26, 2008) (PDF 96 Kb)
Assembled by Réal Lavergne and Jacqueline Wood with inputs from CIDA’s Expert Group on Civil Society 

The purpose of this discussion paper is to build a common framework for understanding the subject matter of civil society and CSOs, and principles to guide CIDA as it develops a policy on this subject. It suggests an initial series of topics that a policy might seek to address and begins to explore the issues under each topic, building from the base of the first sections’ framework and principles. A limited number of questions are posed under each topic with a view to generating reflection and discussion that can inform CIDA’s policy directions. Readers are invited to share their answers to these questions or to pose alternate questions, and to comment on the form or content of this discussion paper overall.  


Briefing Note -- Where is Africa in Canada's Priorities? (PDF 50 Kb) (November 2007)

Symposium 2007: "Civil Society and Aid Effectiveness"
September 30th to October 3rd

The Africa-Canada Forum (ACF) pursues its reflection on recent changes in the aid regime. This is part of an international process involving donors, partner governments and civil society organizations (CSOs) on issues relating to civil society and aid effectiveness. CIDA leads this process and chairs an Advisory Group on Civil Society and Aid Effectiveness (AG), located at the Development Assistance Committee (DAC) in Paris. The AG advises the Working Party on Aid Effectiveness, which has a mandate to monitor the aid effectiveness commitments made in the 2005 Paris Declaration. The Working Party is preparing the Accra High Level Forum planned for the first week of September 2008. CCIC, with five other CSOs, sits on this Advisory Group.

Dialogue with CIDA 

The outcomes of the Symposium debates have been presented to CIDA officials on October 4th. An exchange followed.

AWEPON Receives 2007 Betty Plewes Award: The African Women's Economic Policy Network (AWEPON) was selected, among 7 highly valuable nominations, as the winner of the $15,000 Betty Plewes Award for its engagement on research and policy development on issues of priority to women. Based in Uganda, and spanning some 20 countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, AWEPON works to enable women - especially women at the grassroots and national levels - to influence the shaping of economic policy. It promotes gender equity and economic justice. Elizabeth Eilor, AWEPON's Executive Director, received the award on behalf of her organization at the CCIC 2007 Annual General Meeting. ( (May 2007)

Africa-Canada Forum Commentary on the Senate report: Overcoming 40 years of Failure: A New Road Map for Sub-Saharan Africa (PDF 91 Kb) (March 2007)

Africa-Canada Forum Letter to the Canadian Sherpa for the G8 Summit 2007: The ACF presents its analysis of the various issues related to Africa Chancellor Merkel put on the Summit agenda. The G8 Summit will take place in June in Germany. (PDF 50 Kb) (January 2007)



Symposium 2006: “Civil Society Taking Leadership in the Face of the New Aid Regime”

During this 3-day Symposium, Africa-Canada Forum (ACF) participants reflected on the new aid architecture and sought to understand how the aid effectiveness principles – ownership, mutual accountability, alignment, harmonization and managing for results – are shaping policies at the national, regional and international levels. The discussions focused on the impacts on development processes, and how civil society organizations (CSOs) in Africa and in Canada are adapting. The session on environmental issues participants looked at the current and expected impacts of climate change and environmental degradation on the poor in Africa, in particular looking at the impact on women. (October 2006)

Summary Report - Discussions of the Symposium
Summary Report - Session on Environment

Some of the presentations (available only in the language of presentation) are available below. 

The Betty Plewes Fund - Award 2007 - Nomination period deadline is November 30, 2006. (September, 2006) (PDF 28 Kb)

Global Day for Darfur - Canadian Unity Statement (PDF 27 Kb) (September 17, 2006)

Colloquium Understanding HIV/AIDS in the Context of Development and Poverty in Africa

  • Summary Report  (PDF 40 Kb) (June 30, 2006)
  • Background Notes - Françoise Nduwimana (PDF 51 Kb) (June 5, 2006) (available in French only)
  • Background Notes - AIDS in an Era of Economic Polarization: Who Matters? - Ted Schrecker (PDF 1 Mb) (June 5, 2006)
  • Background Notes - Food Security and HIVAIDS - the work of FACT (PowerPoint 70 kb) (June 5, 2006)
  • Background Notes - The G7, Globalization and Health Equity: New Opportunities or New Forms of Triage? - Ted Schrecker (PDF 933 Kb) (March 9, 2006)

2006 Annual General Meeting

Summary Report: Adapting to Changing Winds: Affirming our Advocacy and Actions for Africa (PDF 65 Kb) (April, 2006)

  • Background Notes - Bonnie Campbell (PDF 108  Kb) (April 7 2006) (available in French only)
  • Background Notes - Abdulai Darimani (PDF 49 Kb) (April 6 2006)
  • Background Notes - Christiane Agboton Johnson (PDF 106 Kb) (April 6 2006) (available in French only )
  • Background Notes - Molly Kane (PDF 79  Kb) (April 6 2006)
  • Background Notes - Guy Mercier (PDF 48 Kb) (April 2 2006) (available in French only )


Africa-Canada Forum Symposium -- October 1-5, 2005

A CCIC Briefing Note:  Recent Trends in Canadian Aid to Sub-Saharan Africa -- 2005 Update (September 2005) (PDF 79 kb)

ACF Backgrounder -- Canada at the G8 Summit:  Time to Act for Africa (June 2005) (PDF 124 Kb)

Summary Analysis of the June 11, 2005 G8 Debt Proposal (June 2005) (PDF 38 Kb)

Africa-Canada Forum General Meeting -- April 18-19 2005

Review of the Report of the Commission for Africa (April 2005) (PDF 251 Kb)

Letter to the Honourable Ralph Goodale, Minister of Finance, regarding the Nomination by the United States of Paul Wolfowitz as Head of the World Bank (March 18, 2005) (PDF 29 Kb)

Joint Halifax Initiative Coalition and Africa-Canada Forum Letter to Minister Goodale regarding the unconditional cancellation of debt owed by poor countries (January 28, 2005)  (PDF 70 kb)


Submission to the Honourable Ralph Goodale, Minister of Finance regarding the Priorities for Consideration by the Commission for Africa (December 24, 2004) (PDF 192 kb)

A CCIC Briefing Note:  Recent Trends in Canadian Aid to Sub-Sharan Africa (October 2004)  (PDF 147 kb)

General Meeting Report -- Africa's Place in Canada's International Policy Review (April 15-16, 2004)  (PDF 265 Kb)

Images of Africa Workshop for Fundraisers Report (March 29, 2004) (PDF 258 Kb)


Symposium 2003 Report -- Africa and the Northern Agenda: Where does Canada fit in? (October 2003)   (PDF 796 Kb)

Letter to the Honorable Susan Whelan regarding the Canadian Investment Fund for Africa (April 2003)


A Synthesis Report on the Symposium Good Governance in Africa, Good Global Governance for Africa (October 2002) (PDF 272 Kb)

CCIC Briefing Note - New Initiatives for Africa: A Canadian Response to NEPAD (September 2002)  (PDF 130 Kb)

Canadian Economic Relations with sub-Saharan Africa: Recent Trends (September 2002) (PDF 135 kb)

Key Messages on NEPAD (June 2002)

Canadian Economic Relations with sub-Saharan Africa: Recent Trends (May 2002)

The Role of Civil Society in Preventing Conflicts in Africa (April 2002)

The New Partnership for Africa's Development (NEPAD): A Commentary (April 2002)  (PDF 236 Kb)


Strengthening Aid Effectiveness: New Approaches to Canada's International Assistance Program - Brief to CIDA (September 2001) (PDF 157 Kb)


Africa Canada Forum - Report (May 28-31, 2000) (PDF 270 Kb)

Canadian Cooperation with Sub-Saharan Africa: Recent Trends and Issues        
(May 28-31 2000) (PDF 622 Kb)








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