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September 19, 2008

1. Federal Election

CCIC is canvassing major political parties on the critical issue of ending poverty. Party leaders from the Conservatives, Liberal, Bloc Québécois, NDP and Green Party will be asked what their contribution will be to ending global poverty and injustice. Questions will cover gender inequality, the United Nations development goals, the food crisis, global economic justice, peace and security and democratic governance and global citizenship. CCIC will also be sending all party candidates the CCIC election platform. The platform will soon be available on CCIC's web site at

2. Make Poverty History Election Activities

Make Poverty History has launched its "Vote to Make Poverty History" campaign. The goal is to make global, domestic and Aboriginal poverty key issues in the election and press candidates and parties to go "On the Record" about how they would help to make poverty history. Make Poverty History is promoting eight ways supporters can make poverty an issue in the election ( Lawn signs and posters can be downloaded And an election kit is available at

Upcoming Events


3. International Cooperation Days 2008

The theme for this year's CIDA International Cooperation Days (ICD) is "Development for Results". The ICD will take place from November 17 to 19 at the Palais des congrès in Gatineau, Québec. Visit the CIDA website at for regular program updates. Online registration will also be available soon.

4. Film Release

VSO Canada and Ear to the Ground Planning will be screening the short film "On est ensemble: We are together". The film follows six Canadian volunteers, under CIDA's International Youth Internship Program (IYIP), working with national volunteer counterparts on an "Our Schools, Our Success" development project. In emphasizing the links between international cooperation and volunteering, the film raises questions about the nature of development work and cross-cultural learning. A discussion, with the filmmaker and one of the volunteers, will follow the screening. The film will be screened at CIDA in Gatineau, on September 23 at 12:30pm. RSVP to

5. Video Challenge

The Kaleidoscope Real World Video Challenge National Awards Gala celebrating the achievement of young Canadian filmmakers will take place 5:00pm September 26 in Ottawa at the Irving Greenberg Theatre Centre. Kaleidoscope is a CIDA-funded, national video contest for youth that aims to raise awareness about the Millennium Development Goals. Kaleidoscope is a joint initiative of provincial or regional councils for international cooperation, acting collectively as the Inter-Council Network. RSVP to

6. Celebrating Dialogue

"Celebrating Dialogue: An International SAS2 Forum" will bring together practitioners of participatory action research from around the world at Carleton University in Ottawa on November 3. Social Analysis Systems (SAS2) is a ground-breaking international effort mobilizing knowledge for social change. Visit the website ( and register online at or contact
Daniel Buckles ( or 613-722-8048) for further details.

7. Charity Law Education Project

Are you aware that the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) is currently revising its directives for Canadian registered charities with overseas operations? In order to better understand the updated requirements of CRA and the obligations of the Income Tax Act, CCIC will hold a series of workshops across the country starting in October, 2008. These workshops are free and offer an excellent opportunity for registered charities to learn about their obligations under the Income Tax Act. For more information on workshop dates and registration, click here.

8. Canada World Youth Projects

Canada World Youth (CWY) is recruiting for winter 2008 and spring 2009 projects. The projects are based in Costa Rica (fair trade and ecotourism) and Ecuador (community service). Each project lasts two weeks, and will take place between December and March. Application deadline for the winter 2008 projects is September 26. To apply visit

Ethics in a Flash


9. Dear Ms Ethics

Dear Ms Ethics. Is the reference in standard 3.2.2 to limiting the number of Board members being related to one another targeted at family run organizations? This doesn't seem to be an issue for most CCIC members so do we need to have something in our policies? Unrelated


Dear Unrelated. Knowing what happens when families just sit together for dinner, Dear Ms Ethics isn't surprised that some of you might not want them at your governance table. This standard, however, applies to all organizations, not just those that are family run. This is because the term "related" in 3.2.2 means "closely connected." While this includes family or blood relations, it could also include dependents, long-term room-mates and business associates. Decisions need to be made on a case-by-case basis. The closer the connection, the more likely Board members are to run against the principles of impartiality and responsibility. The test for "related" is whether a reasonable person would perceive there to be a connection that would likely influence decision-making. The standard includes this part to help all organizations prevent the inevitable conflict of interest situations that would arise. To learn more about managing conflict of interest situations register for the CCIC workshop on the topic, or see the new ethics resource at

10. Ms Ethics Wants to Hear from You

Do you want advice from Dear Ms Ethics? Send your ethical question to the Ethics Review Committee c/o The Ethics Review Committee meets on October 3-4, 2008.

11. Workshop Schedule

Did you miss the deadline to register for the recent Living Our Principles workshop on ethical practice in CSOs? Don't miss the next one. A schedule for October and November workshops is now available in the Ethics section of the web site: These sessions are being offered at times convenient for staff and for Board. Don't miss these professional development opportunities to learn how to live our sector's ethical principles. Get the knowledge and resources needed to promote these principles throughout your organization. These will be the last "Managing Conflict of Interest Situations" and "Governance" sessions scheduled in Ottawa and Toronto for this year, so register early to guarantee a place.

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