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July 20, 2007


  1. Harper Trip to Latin America: Human rights, fair trade rules and corporate social accountability in the mining sector should be on the agenda as Prime Minister Stephen Harper heads to Latin America. That was the message CCIC America's Policy Group (APG) gave to reporters last week at a press briefing in Ottawa. Alex Neve of Amnesty International, Teresa Healy of the CLC, Karyn Keenan of the Halifax Initiative joined CCIC's Gauri Sreenivasan to call on the Prime minister to send a strong message in the Americas that Canada puts human rights first - for trade deals, Canadian investment, development assistance and diplomatic policy. This week, as the Prime Minister continues his trip, the APG message continued to be picked up with national French and English radio and television interviews and print stories across the country. Civil society groups in both Bogotá and Santiago to held press conferences as Prime Minister Harper toured their countries. To read the news releases go to: To read the APG new release, background briefings and facts and figures go to

  2. CIDA Reorganization: CIDA recently announced that it will be initiating a major reorganization, over the next eight months, to better coordinate delivery channels, integrate strategic planning and enhanced the communication of development results. This new management structure is based on four pillars: "Sectors and Global Partnerships", "Geographic Programs", Corporate Operations" and "Strategic Policy and Performance". More information on the planned reorganization is available on CCIC's website at

  3. CCIC contributes to DFAIT consultation on Intellectual Property: The Department of International Trade held a web based consultation to assess the extent of Canadian intellectual property (IP) interests in Peru, Colombia and the Dominican Republic in the context of the launch of Free Trade Agreement negotiations with these countries. Canada's interest in addressing IP issues represents a policy shift for these trade deals. The bilateral trade agreements pursed with Central America, Chile or Costa Rica do not have intellectual property chapters. CCIC sent in a short statement outlining some of the key development and human rights concerns associated with raising standards for intellectual property rights in developing economies. CCIC noted that important debates at the multilateral level are forcing a re-think of whether the current WTO approach to high IP standards is appropriate for all countries. CCIC also urged a fuller consultation process including discussion with parliamentarians and civil society. For more information contact Gauri Sreenivasan at

  4. SCFAID Issues Report on Canada's Support for Democratic Development: The Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and International Development recently issued a report "Advancing Canada's Role in International Support for Democratic Development". Among its 28 recommendations, there is a call for an independent and systematic evaluation of all of Canada's existing public support for democratic development (#3). The report also recommends (#12) the creation of "an arms-length Canada foundation for international democratic development". A further recommendation (#16) proposes that "as part of advancing democratic development, Canada should provide more support for civil society based initiatives from the local to the global level that utilize Canadian civil society experience and that aim to increase grass-roots citizens' participation and strengthen democratic accountability". Both the NDP and the Bloc Quebecois issues dissenting reports calling for more attention to the importance of Canada meeting its international human rights obligations to economic and social rights in developing countries as the foundation for democratic development.

  5. Pre- Budget Consultation: The Finance Committee must know by the end of July what groups or individuals want to appear before the Committee for the pre-budget consultations. July 31 is the deadline to apply to appear and August 15 is the deadline for written submission. The pre-budget public hearings will start in Ottawa on September 17 and wrap up by the end of October. For more information contact the Clerk of the Standing Committee on Finance at

  6. CSIH Lifetime Achievement Award: All members of the Canadian Society for International Health (CSIH) are invited to submit nominations for the CSIH 2007 Lifetime Achievement Award. The award recognizes a member of the Society who has made a substantial contribution to the field of international health. The award recipient must be a Canadian citizen or landed immigrant, a member of CSIH and involved in international health for at least 15 years. Submit nominations no later than September 1 to: Selection Committee, c/o Lisa Jibson, Manager of Communications, Canadian Society for International Health, 1 Nicholas St., Suite 1105 Ottawa K1N 7B7. For more information call (613) 241-5785 ext. 303 or email
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