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March 30, 2007


  1. CCIC Applaud Passing of Better Aid Bill by House of Commons: CCIC celebrates the passage of Bill C-293, Canada's Better Aid Bill, in the House of Commons on March 28. The vote in favour of the Bill was 166 to 121. All MPs of the Liberal, New Democratic and Bloc Québécois parties in the House voted in favour of the legislation. The Better Aid Bill is consistent with what MPs from all parties have called for. Once law, it will assure parliamentarians and the public that aid resources are directed to the needs of those living in poverty, while respecting human rights obligations. "This is a terrific step forward for aid accountability," says Gerry Barr, President-CEO of the Canadian Council for International Co-operation (CCIC) and co-chair of the Make Poverty History campaign. Barr calls for quick passage of the Bill in the Senate. "We don't want this vital legislation to drown in a high tide of partisanship," adds Barr.

  2. Budget Fails to Deliver on Commitment to World's Poor: The Harper government has failed to meet its promises to increase funding to address global poverty. "Mr. Harper pledged a one time increase of $425 million to boost aid spending followed by steps to achieve average donor performance by 2010," said Gerry Barr, CCIC President-CEO. "This would have improved Canada's performance as an international aid donor. But that's where the government has failed to deliver." CCIC calculates that Canadian ODA 2006/07 will be $4.6 billion or 0.33 % of Canada's Gross National Income (GNI), and will remain at $4.6 billion in 2007/08, or 0.32% of GNI. This is not even half of the UN target of 0.7% to which other donors have committed. Check out CCIC's news release at

  3. Africa-Canada Forum Commentary on Senate Report: The Africa-Canada Forum (ACF) has prepared an analysis of issues raised by the Senate Committee report entitled "Overcoming 40 Years of Failure: A New Road Map for Sub-Saharan Africa". In particular, the ACF analysis focuses on the role of civil society, aid effectiveness, agriculture, and peace and security. Check out the ACF commentary at

  4. Protection of Human Rights: Action Canada on Population and Development (ACPD) is calling for signatures on a petition to support the System of UN Special Procedures for the Protection of Human Rights. ACPD has been advocating on the issue of Special Procedures and urging that protection gaps in the system be closed. Protection gaps are thematic areas of human rights that are not covered under any existing mandate. The gaps mean that many vulnerable groups do not receive protection via any Special Procedure. To sign the petition, go to:

Upcoming Events

  1. Conference on Trade and Human Rights: CCIC and Rights & Democracy are co-hosting an international conference on trade, human rights and development on May 28-29 in Ottawa (following the CCIC AGM). Entitled "Reconciling Trade and Human Rights: The New Development Agenda", the conference is organized in collaboration with Amnesty International, the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy, North-South Institute, and Social Watch. The conference will be a unique opportunity to explore ways in which a human rights framework can inform new strategies for trade, development and poverty eradication. Speakers include Martin Khor, Director of Third World Network and Widney Brown, Senior Director of International Law, Policy and Campaigns at Amnesty's International Secretariat. For an agenda and further information, contact Augie van Biljouw at

  2. Conference on International Health: The Canadian Society for International Health and the Canadian Coalition for Global Health Research announce the 14th Canadian Conference on International Health, to be held November 4-7, 2007 in Ottawa. The theme is "Global Change and Health: Who are the Vulnerable?" The call for abstracts is posted at Deadline for abstracts is May 30, 2007. For more information:

  3. Africa-Canada Forum AGM: The Africa-Canada Forum will hold its Annual General Meeting April 17-18, 2007, in Ottawa. The theme is "International Cooperation in Africa: By Whom and for Whom?". Topics include the role of civil society in effective programming, the Green Revolution in Africa and the G8 and Africa. For an agenda and registration form, contact Sylvie Perras at The deadline for registration is April 5th.

  4. CSO Roundtable on Education for All: The Canadian Global Campaign for Education (CGCE) and CIDA will co-host a research roundtable the morning of April 30, 2007 to mark Education for All (EFA) Global Action Week. The event will promote exchange of research findings and ideas about current and emerging issues in Canada's contributions to the achievement of EFA. Following the roundtable the CGCE will hold its Annual General Meeting, which is open to all who wish to participate as observers. Contact Natalie Poulson at or visit

Worth Looking At

  1. Call for Applications for Global Youth Fellowship: The Walter and Duncan Gordon Foundation announces the 2007 call for applications for the Global Youth Fellowship. The Fellowships are targeted towards emerging, young Canadian leaders who demonstrate potential to enhance Canada's role on the world stage. Successful candidates will receive a cash award of $20,000 as well as other forms of support. The deadline for application is April 20, 2007. For more information, see:


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