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November 10, 2006


  1. Working Together for Effective Aid: International Cooperation Minister Josée Verner, speaking at the CIDA International Development Days, acknowledged that civil society's "expertise, ...experience in the field, ...ingenuity and ...dynamic spirit are the very lifeblood of [CIDA's] interventions". The Minister also spoke about the importance of democratic governance, support for gender equality, CIDA's efforts in Haiti and Afghanistan in support of "stabilization and reconstruction" and the successful launch of the Voluntary Sector Fund. The theme of International Development Days was "Working Together for Effective Aid".

  2. Whither a Policy Framework for Renewed CSO Partnerships?:
    Minister Josée Verner, at International Development Days, reiterated her commitment to "examining and renewing our partnership programs". However, there was no mention of the necessary policy framework. The Minister said that Canadian Partnership Branch "is responsible for continuing the dialogue with civil strengthen our Canadian partnerships". The Minister affirmed the key role of Canadian Partnership Branch in the dialogue on strengthening Canadian partnerships with civil society. At the same time, leadership remains with the Senior Vice President, Diane Vincent, reflecting the importance of the Agency-wide dimensions of this renewal process. Minister Verner stated that "CIDA will encourage a coordinated approach for partnership initiatives within its country programming" and overseas country heads of aid will play a role. But what will that role be for program approvals in funding mechanisms of Canadian Partnership Branch? Finally, the Minister strongly signaled that CIDA will work with Canadian CSOs "to ensure that Canada is the leader in recognizing civil society in the Paris Declaration".

  3. MP/Member Meeting Days: Over 23 CCIC member organizations met with over 50 MPs, Senators and government officials on November 1 and 2. The meetings focused on the pre-budget proposal of including a timetable to reach 0.7% of Gross National Income by 2015 and aid legislation to make the focus of Canadian aid spending poverty reduction (Bill C-293). CCIC members and the proposals presented were well-received by decision-makers.

  4. The 2007 Betty Plewes Fund: The second $15,000 award of the Betty Plewes Fund will be offered in the spring 2007. The Fund was created by CCIC to honour the contribution of Betty Plewes while she was CCIC's President-CEO. The Fund provides an award to an African non-governmental organization engaged in research and policy development on issues of priority to women. Nominations must be submitted to the Selection Committee by November 30. For more information go to or contact Sylvie Perras at

Upcoming Events

  1. Une Afrique méconnue - "Soirée Relation": Africa has an immense wealth of natural resources. This wealth, however, is exploited by the North and the exploitation feeds numerous regional conflicts and cause heavy environmental damage. How we can better understand the complex issues facing Africa and move away from stereotyped representations will be the focus of discussion at "Soirée Relation". On November 27 at 7:00 pm at Maison Bellarmin in Montreal, Caroline Boudreau and Éric Chaurette, of Inter Pares, Moussa Keita, researcher with Groupe de recherche sur les activités minières en Afrique and Dominique Payette, Professor at Département d'information et de communication, Université Laval and author of La dérive sanglante du Rwanda will be the featured speakers. For more information, contact Jean-Claude Ravet at (514)387-2541 or or go to The discussion will be in French.

  2. Bringing Microfinance to 175 million by 2015: John Hatch, a pioneer in microcredit and partner with Mohammed Yunus and RESULTS International in creating the Global Microcredit Campaign in 1997 will speak at a benefit breakfast for RESULTS Canada on Saturday November 18. Hatch will be in Ottawa to speak on the growing availability of microfinance for the world's poor. He will also present a campaign strategy for reaching 175 million borrowers by 2015. John Hatch is the founder of FINCA and Research Director of FINCA International. Admission is $15. For more information contact Gordon Walker at (613) 225-1986.



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