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April 13, 2006


  1. Afghan Mission Debate Welcome and Needed: Canadian NGOs welcomed the announcement of the debate in the House of Commons on the Afghanistan mission. CCIC called for the debate to focus on the mandate of the military operations, military and civilian roles in development, and the effectiveness of the current approach in Afghanistan. To read the news release and CCIC's briefing note "Canada in Afghanistan" go to

  2. Web Based Pre-Budget Consultation Launched: A pre-budget on-line consultation, launched by the federal government, can be found on the Department of Finance's web site Finance Minister Jim Flaherty and Parliamentary Secretary Diane Ablonczy will also meet with stakeholders as part of the budget consultation process, which ends April 19. The web consultation page, including a background document, can be found on the Department of Finance web site and submissions can be made by e-mail at or by fax at (613) 992-0938.

  3. Bruce Cockburn and Susan Aglukark Help Make Poverty History with Federal Budget Action Alert: An electronic action alert was sent out to all Make Poverty History supporters last week by Bruce Cockburn and Susan Aglukark. "This upcoming Federal Budget is a great opportunity to help make poverty history. The new Conservative government's first budget must make ending poverty at home and abroad a priority," said Cockburn and Aglukark. Go to and send an e-mail to Finance Minister Jim Flaherty and Members of Parliament. To date, over 6000 e-mails have been sent to the Finance Minister and MPs.

  4. World Bank Trade Programs Criticized for Opening Borders, but Not Addressing Poverty: The Independent Evaluation Group (IEG), an autonomous body reporting to the executive board of the World Bank, recently released an evaluation of the Bank's work in promoting trade reforms in developing countries for past 20 years. The report notes the Bank's significant investments to promote trade since 1987 ($38 billion) were successful at helping countries open their borders, but not effective at helping bring about payoffs in growth, poverty reduction or increased exports. The lead author notes the Bank has been overly optimistic about the benefits of more open trade. Civil society groups say the report underlines the need to slowdown technical advice on trade from international organizations like the Bank that are dominated by the interests of industrialized countries. For more information see

Upcoming Events

  1. New Initiatives in Financing for Development: John Foster, Principal Researcher of The North South Institute, attended the Paris Conference on Innovative Development Financing Mechanisms as a representative of CCIC, along with more than 90 state delegations, multilateral institutions and 60 non-governmental participants from around the world. Foster and other guests will speak to the accomplishments of the Conference, the challenges facing new initiatives, and possible strategies for engaging the Canadian government on alternative financing for development at a joint CCIC/The North South Institute event. This report-back will take place April19 from 10:00am to 12:30pm at The North South Institute, 55 Murray Street, Ottawa, 3rd Floor Boardroom. RSVP before April 17 to

  2. Make Poverty History Evaluation and Planning Meeting: The Make Poverty History campaign achieved considerable success throughout 2005 in placing international poverty issues on the public and political agenda in Canada and in over 80 other countries. CCIC members have been vitally involved throughout and are invited to participate in a Make Poverty History Evaluation and Visioning Day on April 28 in Ottawa. Not only will the participants share their work and evaluate the activities of the past year, but they'll also discuss the campaign plans to build momentum for 2006-07. Register by April 24. Contact for more details.

  3. Conference on Education for All - New Roles for Civil Society: Canadian Global Campaign for Education (CGCE) Alliance is holding its second annual Conference entitled, "Education for All: New Roles for Civil Society". The CGCE Conference, to be held April 28 at the University of Ottawa, will bring together a wide range of Canadian NGOs, the Canadian Teachers Federation, members of the Canadian academic community and Southern civil society colleagues involved in issues related to Education for All. Topics will include new policy directions, Canadian aid, basic education and civil society and its role in the achievement of gender equality in education. For more information and registration e-mail or go to

Ethics in a Flash

  1. Call for nominees: CCIC is seeking nominations of individuals to replace the outgoing members of the Ethics Review Committee (members sit for 2 years beginning in September). The Committee need individuals external to the membership who have no direct connection with a member organization (e.g. direct connection means Board of Directors, staff, volunteer). The wish list of skills and attributes includes experience elsewhere in ethical standards and their implementation; knowledge of learning processes; critical thinking; conciliation/conflict resolution skills; knowledge of management realities in NGOs; ability to work in a group using consensual process; creativity; capacity building experience. As with all of its committees, CCIC strives for bilingual capacity, gender equity and increased participation of minorities. If you have a nominee, or for further information, contact Anne Buchanan at (613) 241-7007 ext. 315 or e-mail Additional information on CCIC's ethics program is available at: Nominations accepted until April 28.


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