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March 17, 2006


  1. Expanding Official Development Assistance Criteria? Recent statements by the department of Foreign Affairs Canada (FAC) indicate that the debate over expanding the criteria for Official Development Assistance (ODA) is active in Canada. In an official response to the e-consultation on "Failed and Fragile states", FAC stated that "Canada supports an expanded definition of ODA which includes more peace and security-related expenditures…". CCIC has been assured that the statement was intended to support the existing definition of ODA, which was expanded in March 2005 to include security sector reform, control of small arms and light weapons, civilian peacebuilding, conflict prevention and conflict resolution. CCIC and the Global Security and Development Network (GSDN) engaged actively in the DAC debate in 2005, and are still following the file. Contact Erin Simpson at with any questions or comments.

  2. Peace and Conflict Impact Assessment: The Asia Pacific Working Group hosted a Peace and Conflict Impact Assessment (PCIA) workshop which provided participants with the opportunity to increase their knowledge of PCIA, and network with others who are working on peace and conflict issues. The workshop, held March 9 and 10, was facilitated by Professor Kenneth Bush and Marie-France Houle of Saint Paul University. Approximately 30 people representing more than 16 civil society organizations, the Assembly of First Nations, DFAIT, CIDA, and two international guests from the Solomon Islands and the Philippines were in attendance. A workshop report will be available soon. Resources for the workshop were provided by DFAIT, the APWG and Saint Paul University. For more information, contact Sara Kemp at

  3. NSI Fellowship Opportunity: The North-South Institute is inviting applications for its annual Helleiner Visiting Researcher position. Newly-created, and named after Professor Emeritus G.K. Helleiner, the fellowship is funded with the support of Canada's International Development Research Centre. The Fellowship provides mid-career policy researchers with the opportunity to undertake research in an area that is compatible with the overall goals and areas of interest of The North-Institute. This year's position is open to African policy researchers interested in spending from nine months to one year at the Ottawa-based Institute. For more information go to

  4. 2006 John Humphrey Freedom Award: Rights & Democracy is accepting nominations for the John Humphrey Freedom Award, presented every year to an organization or person who has made an outstanding contribution to the promotion of human rights and democratic development. The award consists of a grant of $25,000 as well as a speaking tour of Canadian cities to help increase awareness of the recipient's human rights work. The deadline for nominations is April 15, 2006. More information is available at the Rights & Democracy web site at

  5. Call for Nominations for the CSIH Lifetime Achievement Award 2006: All members of the Canadian Society for International Health (CSIH) are invited to submit nominations for the CSIH 2006 Lifetime Achievement Award. The purpose of this award is to publicly recognize a member of the Society who has made a substantial contribution to the field of international health throughout their career. Award recipients must be Canadian citizens or landed immigrants; CSIH members; and involved in international health for at least 15 years. Submit nominations by September 10, 2006. For more information contact Lisa Jibson at (613) 241-5785 ext. 303 or

  6. The 13th Canadian Conference on International Health - Call for Abstracts: Human resources represent the most critical and precious assets in the struggle to achieve global health. The 13th Canadian Conference on International Health will be exploring this issue and the Call for Abstracts, which includes instructions, the application form, the funding application form and the judging criteria, is now available. Go to for more information.

Upcoming Events

  1. Organizational Change Symposium Postponed Until September: The organizational change symposium, originally scheduled to follow the AGM, is postponed until the end of September. This is in response to members' suggestions, at CCIC's recent Leadership Forum, that CCIC advance the planning of a CIDA dialogue on their partnership framework (see below). Final dates and further details on the symposium will be available next month.

  2. CCIC 2006 AGM Theme - CIDA's Framework on Effective Partnerships: Responding to the building momentum around CIDA's review of Partnerships, CCIC will advance the planning of a CCIC/CIDA Dialogue on a draft CIDA Framework on Effective Partnerships. This session is now scheduled to take place on May 26 and 27 immediately following CCIC's AGM. Senior CIDA officials will participate and members will receive a draft version of the Framework prior to the Dialogue. CCIC is currently planning the session and notable international CSO colleagues will be invited to join in the discussions. More information will be available prior to the annual CCIC Members meetings beginning in the end of March.

Setting Our Sites

  1. CCIC Web Site Improvements Coming this Year: The CCIC web site will be getting revamped this year in order to better meet the needs of members and the public. Let us know what improvements are needed. In a new section exclusively for CCIC's members, what would you like to see (type of information, documents, electronic forum, discussion board, etc.)? Are there any new sections that should be added to the CCIC site? If yes, which ones? Is there anything else you would like to see added (type of information, documents, links, etc.)? Send answers or comments by March 31 to

Worth Looking At

  1. A Piece of Paradise: A Piece of Paradise, a one-hour CUSO radio documentary about land and life in Vanuatu, can be heard for free on the Rabble Podcast Network at A Piece of Paradise is about Vanuatu, a group of tropical islands in the South Pacific. On paper, it is one of the poorest countries- yet there is very little poverty. No one can own land there, but few are homeless. Sean Kelly, a staff writer with CUSO, traveled to Vanuatu to find out why. For more information on the Vanuatu documentary, or to offer your comments, e-mail

  2. Flash Schedule: Flash, CCIC's electronic publication, comes out every two weeks. Submissions are welcome and are due the Friday before the publication date. The issue date and submission deadlines, for the next few issues, are as follows: Submission deadline March 24 - Flash sent out March 31, submission deadline April 7 - Flash sent out April 14; submission deadline April 21 - Flash sent out April 28. Send submissions, no longer than one short paragraph, to


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