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February 3, 2006

Make Poverty History

  1. Make Poverty History Scores majority in the House of Commons: The 39th Parliament is a minority House - with Prime Minister Designate Stephen Harper now pondering cabinet choices. Because this is minority government, other parties and MPs will matter a lot in the new legislative program and it may matter that 178 of those elected to the 308 seat House of Commons, January 23rd , are on the record endorsing Make Poverty History. MPs were asked for their support during the federal campaign in which more than 1,000 candidates for federal office signed on as Make Poverty History supporters. Possible government moves linked to Make Poverty History demands include the level of Canada's aid spending, legislation to focus aid spending on ending poverty, a national anti-poverty strategy and increased levels for Canada's Child Tax Benefit. For more information go to

  2. World Social Forum: The Americas Policy Group (the APG) staff person attended the World Social Forum in Caracas, Venezuela, held from January 24th-29th. The APG co-hosted a workshop on the Canada-Central America Four Free Trade Agreement (CA4FTA) with the Bloque Popular Centroamericano. The APG and Central American groups are working together to develop a strategy regarding the CA4FTA. For more information, or to get involved, contact Nadja Drost at, or (613)241-7007 ext. 333.

  3. Americas Policy Group General Meeting: The Americas Policy Group (APG) held a general meeting January 18 and 19. The group learned about ways to access the United Nations system, and explored trade issues from a regional and global perspective. Over the next months, the APG will continue to be active on various issues, including the economic integration in Central America and human rights in Colombia. The coalition also plans on reviving its work on Mexico and human rights in coordination with the upcoming federal elections in Mexico. For more information, contact Nadja Drost at, or (613)241-7007 ext. 333.

  4. Call for Proposals for Stand-Alone Public Engagement Fund. CIDA's Partnership Branch has launched, a "Call for Proposals for the 2006-07 Stand-Alone Public Engagement Fund". The deadline for submission of these proposals is February 17. Canadian NGOs, publicly funded post-secondary institutions and Provincial/Regional Councils may apply to the Fund providing they meet the eligibility criteria. Complete submission information can be found at

Upcoming Events

  1. The Ethical Challenges in Sub-Saharan Africa and Beyond: On paper, the countries of the world have committed themselves to reducing poverty and to realizing human rights, including a right to development. The premise of this conference is that these commitments can be realized only if accountability, responsibility, and integrity prevail. The conference will bring together key thinkers, educators, policy-makers, and development workers to clarify the values as well as mechanisms that are required to enhance accountability, responsibility, and integrity in development, especially in the African context. The conference will be held at Makerere University, Kampala, Uganda, July 19 to 22, 2006 and is organized by the International Development Ethics Association (IDEA) with the Ethics & Public Management Program, Faculty of Arts, Makerere University, Kampala, Uganda. For more information go to

  2. Campaigning Workshop: CCIC will be holding a learning session on organizational capacities for campaigning in Canada on February 23. CCIC members have been working to strengthen their capacity to influence public policy and to engage Canadians as active global citizens. Taking advantage of the widespread involvement by the membership in the Make Poverty History campaign, the learning session will let members share their experiences; reflect on organizational capacities to best respond to policy campaigning opportunities; examine connections to our organizations' broader policy and public engagement work; and explore new ways of campaigning in Canada. For more information and to register contact the Organizational Development Team at or (613)241-7007 ext. 336.
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