It's just a dream?

The Globe and Mail - June 18, 2008
Letter to the editor by Gauri Sreenivasan, Senior policy analyst
Canadian Council for International Cooperation

Re:  Level The Playing Field For The World's Poor, June 17

Ottawa -- It's human rights, not just "access to justice and the rule of law, property rights, labour rights and business rights," that are needed to help end global poverty (Level The Playing Field For The World's Poor - June 17). The universal human struggle to escape poverty and pursue a life of dignity is the struggle to claim the full spectrum of human rights - the right to food, work, health, education, to organize, to vote and to freely assemble without fear.

The world's governments have multiple obligations under international law to respect, protect and fulfill human rights. Unfortunately, these obligations are often unmet. And human rights, for the hundreds of millions of people who live with the daily reality of war, repression, hunger, ill-health and illiteracy, remain illusory.