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January 27, 2010



1. CCIC Prepares for the Coming Federal Budget


The upcoming Federal Budget will be the first of an expected four-year freeze on the International Assistance Envelope at $5 billion. The 2010 Budget demonstrated the Government had no commitment to increase aid beyond 2010. The 2011 budget should be a moment when Canada reconsiders its position. As one of the world's most economicaly healthy donors, the Government should commit to a long-term plan for the future growth of Canadian aid to achieve the UN target of 0.7% of NGP. During the week leading up to the Budget, CCIC will present a strategy on how the Canadian Government could reach this long-term target. This strategy could include reallocating F-35 jet spending to Canadian ODA; meeting Canada’s fair share of climate financing; and effectively meeting Canada's commitment to double ODA funding by 2010. 


Stay tuned for more information!


2. Reactions to Stephen Harper's appointment at the UN Commission on Information and Accountability for Women's and Children's Health

Gerry Barr was interviewed on CTV about Stephen Harper’s appointment at the UN Commission on Information and Accountability for maternal, newborn and children health. From Geneva, Harper announced support for new development projects in Bangladesh, Ethiopia and Mozambique.


According to Barr, Canada's 5-year $2,85-billion commitment towards maternal and child health is important, but one must wonder from which existing program this money will be taken, as it would represent more than 10% of Canada's total aid spending for the period. Barr also commented that P.M. Harper promoting accountability and transparency abroad is a virtuous thing, but accountability should be broad spectrum - applying as much to donors as to developing countries.


Gerry Barr was interviewed on Wednesday, January 26, by Dan Matheson on CTV's political program Power Play. Click here to watch the interview.


More on this story

PM announces new maternal, newborn and children health initiatives, Office of the Prime Minister, News Release, Jan 26;

Harper stresses aid accountability in Geneva, CBCNews, Jan 26;

Harper heralds maternal health’s rosy future as UN meeting opens, Globe and Mail, Jan. 26.

3. CCIC Policy Advisory Group Meets


The new CCIC Policy Advisory Group (PAd Group) had its first meeting on December 7th at the newly organized CCIC offices on Rideau Street. The PAd Group was created as part of the new CCIC vision to provide a forum that will identify and discuss strategic policy opportunities for the Council's “value-added” action in relation to the 10-Point Agenda


The PAd Group is comprised of 20 members and allies and will bolster the Secretariat’s capacity to scan and track the sector’s policy needs and opportunities. It will provide a channel for member input into CCIC's policy priorities. The Group discussed a range of key policy agendas with a strong focus on the debate over international priorities in the upcoming federal budget and a potential election. Other priorities for the sector include G-8/G-20 follow up, aid architecture, and on-going policy opportunities in a range of issues including food security, environmental justice, corporate accountability, peace building and human rights. 


For more information contact Gauri Sreenivasan at





4. Asia Pacific Working Group Meeting


The Asia Pacific Working Group (APWG) organized a regional meeting in Toronto this week. The objective of this meeting was to bring together different organizations (NGOs, faith-based organizations, unions and solidarity groups) with an interest in Asia to discuss potential areas of collaboration. This was an occasion to present an update of APWG’s activities, discuss the value-added of the working group for members, and propose collaborative areas of work for 2011-2012. Click here for more information about the meeting agenda and outcomes.



5. CCIC Cross-Canada Members’ Meetings


Leaders of CCIC member organizations are invited to CCIC’s member meetings that will be held in February and early March 2011. The meetings will be an opportunity to discuss issues of interest and concern for the leadership of our community. The meetings will take place from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm.


Meeting places

  • Monday, February 21: Vancouver, at the British Columbia Council for International Cooperation, 120 - 425 Carrall St. (tbc.) (click here to see the map);
  • Tuesday, February 22: Winnipeg, at the Canadian Foodgrains Bank, 393 Portage Ave, Suite 400 (click here to see the map);
  • Thursday, February 24: Montréal, at Oxfam Québec, 2330 Notre-Dame Street West, Suite 200 (tbc) (click here to see the map);
  • Friday, February 25: Halifax, at Oxfam Halifax, 2099 Gottingen Street Suite 209 (tbc) (click here to see the map);
  • Monday, February 28: Toronto, at Canadian Crossroads International 49 Bathurst Street, Suite 201 (click here to see the map);
  • Mardi le 1 mars: Ottawa, at the Dominican University College, 96 Empress Avenue (click here to see the map).    

The agenda of the meetings soon be posted on CCIC's website.

Confirm participation with Jack Lister, Interim Administrative Assistant, by February 7th 2011.



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