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August 20, 2010

1. Solid Response to CCIC emergency appeal


CCIC members are responding quickly and generously to the Council’s special outreach appeal, issued in June. The appeal anticipated CIDA’s mid-July defunding of the Council, and the need for emergency fundraising to adjust to the cut. The June appeal, which had a minimum target of $200,000, has already generated $250,000 in pledges. In addition, the Boards of many organizations will be considering the appeal in late summer and early fall. “It’s a terrific sign of support from member organizations of the Council”, says Gerry Barr, President-CEO of CCIC. Many thanks to all who are showing such commitment to the Council.

2. CIDA Review of Programming through Partnerships With Canadians Branch


CIDA has been conducting information sessions across the country, ending August 25, in the context of its review of programming through the Partnerships With Canadians Branch (formerly Canadian Partnership Branch). CCIC members that attended the sessions are invited to share with the Council any important concerns or issues generated by the information provided: e-mail CCIC will review this feedback and assess potential follow-up.

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3. Consultations on Vision for CCIC’s Future


CCIC Board Chair Karen Takacs and President-CEO Gerry Barr are hosting meetings across the country with leaders from the membership, seeking input into a new vision for the Council’s future. Options and recommendations from the Visioning Group that was announced at the AGM in May will be presented, as well as proposed changes to the CCIC membership fee structure.  All-day meetings will be held in:  Toronto: Wednesday, September 8; Montreal: Thursday, September 9; Ottawa: Friday, September 10; Winnipeg: Monday, September 13. Members from the Atlantic region are invited to join the Ottawa meeting by teleconference, and members from the West are invited to join the Winnipeg meeting by teleconference. Dial-in information will be sent in advance. The agenda, a background paper and the venues will be circulated in advance of the meetings. Please RSVP to Anna Campos by September 1st:   

4. Registration for the First Open Forum Global Assembly


In March 2010, CCIC organized a Canadian consultation for the Open Forum on CSO Development Effectiveness.  A first Global Assembly of the Open Forum will be held in Istanbul, Turkey, September 28-30, 2010.  The Global Assembly will review a first draft Framework on CSO Development Effectiveness, including principles and guidelines, based on the outcomes of more than 35 country consultations to date.  Register at the Open Forum’s web site (, or contact Brian Tomlinson for more information (  There are no subsidies for Canadian CSOs.  For more information on the progress of the Open Forum, see its Newsletter at


5. Issues of Peace and Security in Africa


he Africa-Canada Forum colloquium on “Issues of Peace and Security in Africa: A Civil Society Agenda for Democratization” will be held October 4-6, 2010 in Ottawa. Participants will be asked to reflect on ways to promote the advancement of democratization in Africa and the transformation of partnership relationships in order to better support African colleagues’ efforts to build sustainable peace. To receive a draft agenda and registration form, contact Sylvie Perras, ACF Coordinator, at

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