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May 14, 2010

1. Global Assembly for Open Forum Postponed


The Global Assembly for the Open Forum on CSO Development Effectiveness, originally planned for the end of August in Montreal, has been postponed. The Global Facilitating Group (GFG) for the Open Forum (the CSO body coordinating the work of the Open Forum) decided to postpone the Assembly in order to better take into account the many country consultations still underway  and which will continue until early July.   The Global Assembly will now take place at the end of September or early October in a locale closer to Europe to facilitate global travel.  Planning for the Global Assembly was also affected by a recent CIDA decision not to provide funding for the Open Forum process.

2. CCIC Job Posting Service


CCIC provides a job posting service to help members and other NGOs recruit employees. The “Work Opportunity” page of CCIC’s web site is a popular destination for those looking for work in the international development sector.  CCIC members benefit from two free postings per fiscal year, and low rates for subsequent postings.  For more information or to post a job, contact Pierre Laflamme

Upcoming Events


3. CSO Meeting with Marketa Evans the CSR Counsellor


CCIC members and interested civil society organizations are invited to attend an Ottawa briefing and update on the establishment of the Office of the Government of Canada’s Extractive Sector Corporate Social Responsibility Counsellor. Marketa  Evans, the CSR Counsellor, will also provide a preview of the public consultations soon to be launched on the Office's review mechanism and is seeking CSO feedback and input.  The meeting will take place in CCIC offices May 20 9:30-11:00 AM.  RSVP to Gauri Sreenivasan.

4. Blogs and Live Chats on the Public Engagement (PE) Hub


The PE Hub will be hosting two live online chats12:30pm-1:15pm (Eastern): On May 19 from 12:30 PM to 1:15 PM Save the Children will be leading a chat, in English, on  Good Practice in Campaigning and the Every One campaign.  On May 26 from 12:30 PM to 1:15 PM Rights and Democracy will be leading a chat, in French, on Engaging Student Groups in the Promotion of Human Rights. To participate, contact Calla Barnett at 613-241-7007, ext. 354. What is the PE Hub?  It’s an online network for public engagement, communications and fundraising practitioners. Currently, there are already over 160 memberssigned up for this free, dynamic, online space. Visit the PE Hub to sign up.

5. Leading the Way – Ethics and Governance workshops in Ottawa and Montreal


CSO leaders must be well equipped to make the kind of sound decisions expected in today’s climate.  Decision-making at the governance level can be difficult and time-consuming when people are faced with conflicting ethical values.  CCIC is offering the opportunity to learn about current practice from Canadian governance specialists (Jane Garthson in Ottawa sessions and Bruno Bonneville in Montreal session).  Register before May 18 to attend the workshop Leading the Way: Ethics and Governance offered in Ottawa (English only) on June 2 evening or June 3 morning.  Register before May 25 for the session in Montreal (French only) on June 11.  Join other CSO leaders to work through scenarios, learn from the experiences of the presenters and become more comfortable knowing how to apply ethical principles to decision-making.  For more information on these workshops, see the CCIC web site or contact

6. Staying True – Governance and Change workshop in Ottawa


Internal and external factors impact organizations at many levels and we most often deal with program, structural or staff changes as a result.  But what does change mean for your governing body operations? How do we know when it is time to review a governance framework? What criteria might be used for such a review?  CCIC is offering on June 3, the workshop Staying True: Governance and Change led by Jane Garthson, a Canadian specialist on ethics and governance.  Garthson will discuss how to set directions during periods of rapid change and will assist workshop participants through discussions and exercises in how to stay true to ethical principles even during chaos and conflict.  For more information see the CCIC web site or contact Registration deadline is May 18.

Ethics in a Flash


7. Dear Ms Ethics

Dear Ms Ethics: I have noticed in one of CCIC member’s newsletters an advertisement for a political party in Canada.  It isn’t an explicit endorsement, but are there any ethical issues that would prevent organizations from having such an advertisement in their newsletters?  Ad Man


Dear Ad Man:This is a very risky issue for organizations if only one of the political parties is advertising in their newsletter.  Even without an explicit endorsement, it still might leave the impression that the organization supports that party and, therefore, its policies.  Consider the implications of such a perception in the eyes of the public, or if rival parties gain power.  This is one kind of situation that Standard 6.7 is referring to when it says, “The Organization shall consider the cumulative impact on the public’s perception arising from its own communication messages…”.  In addition, although S6.3 names donations, the practice of organizations having “policies and procedures to ensure that it…will not compromise its ethics, program focus or other interests” should apply to other forms of income, including advertisements.

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