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January 21, 2010

1. Haiti – Canada hosting International Donor Conference

The human toll of the earthquake in Haiti is just beginning to emerge with hundreds of thousands of people killed and over 3.5 million affected.  Poverty, state breakdown, political instability, and environmental degradation, have all played their share in ensuring last week’s earthquake inflicted terrible damage.  Many CCIC members are among the aid agencies struggling to get desperately needed food, water, medicines, and shelter to vulnerable women, men, and children.  CCIC welcomes the announcement that Canada will host an International Donor Conference on Haiti on Monday January 25.  As the second largest bilateral donor in Haiti and with Haiti being Canada’s second priority country, Canada has a strong interest in enabling donor coordination. We call on Canada to help ensure Haitians are at the forefront of setting the terms of rebuilding their country.  In particular, we urge Canada and other donors to ensure women and women’s organizations are included in relief, recovery, and rebuilding efforts. For more information on Canada’s aid to Haiti and Earthquake Relief Fund, see CIDA’s website. For information on the CCIC members active in Haiti, click on Haiti in the Who’s Who section of CCIC’s website.

2. CCIC Letter to Minister Cannon on an International Conference on Afghanistan

By 2011, Canada will have invested close to $ 2 billion dollars in aid and likely well over $9 billion in defense spending in Afghanistan over the last decade.   What will be the Canadian legacy in Afghanistan?  And, what future role will Canada play in a country that has been at the forefront of Canada’s foreign policy?  An international conference on Afghanistan next week in London will provide an opportunity for the Afghan government and international community to take stock and, hopefully, change course. In a letter (soon to be posted to CCIC’s website) to Minister Lawrence Cannon, CCIC is calling for increased  focus on security and protection of civilians; effective socio-economic development; accountable governance and democratic institutions; and dialogue and reconciliation.

3. Investment Cooperation

The creation of a $20million program to support Canadian businesses that want to invest in developing countries was announced earlier this month by Stockwell Day, Minister of International Trade.  Investment Cooperation (INC) replaces the Canadian International Development Agency’s Industrial Cooperation (CIDA-INC) program.  Investment Cooperation has an expanded list of projects in most countries eligible for international development assistance, including China, Mexico, Malaysia and Thailand. For more information visit the Investment Cooperation web site.

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4. CCIC Investment Reference Group Meeting – January 29

A reminder that members of the informal CCIC reference group on investment policy will meet January 29 from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm at the CCIC offices in Ottawa.  The meeting will be an opportunity for CCIC members and allies to discuss initiatives for work on Canadian investment policy concerning development and human rights, and to share information on current work. Interested CCIC members not already confirmed should contact Gauri Sreenivasan.

5. CCIC Members’ Meetings

Leaders of CCIC member organizations are invited to CCIC’s member meetings to be held in early February 2010. The meetings will be an opportunity to discuss issues of interest and concern for the leadership of the sector.  The meetings will take place  from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm in Toronto on February 8 at Canadian Crossroads International 49 Bathurst Street, Suite 201, Montreal on February 9 at Oxfam-Quebec, 2330 Notre-Dame Street West, 4th floor, in Ottawa on February 11 at the CCIC office and in Winnipeg on February 16 at Canadian Foodgrains Bank, 393 Portage Avenue, Suite 400. Confirm participation with France Joncas before January 29.

6. UN Climate Meeting Debrief

CCIC will be hosting a debriefing session on February 17 to better understand the outcomes of the UN Climate negotiations and the Copenhagen Accord. The debrief will also identify opportunities for learning, engagement and action on the issue in the coming year, including in the context of the upcoming G8/G20.  Members working on environmental justice, climate change or simply interested in attending can contact Dana Stefov at or 613-241-7007 ext. 357.

7. International Development Week 2010

The 20th annual International Development Week (IDW) will take place February 7 to 13, 2010. For more information on International Development Week, to download graphics or post events on the IDW calendar go to the IDW website. For more information, send an email to

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