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October 23, 2009

1. CCIC Launches Re-vamped Web Site

Check out CCIC’s new interactive web site.  Watch a video of CCIC’s President-CEO, Gerry Barr, describing the features of the new web site. Click on the “Did You Know” section to find out about CCIC’s revised Code of Ethics and Operational Standards and take the CCIC Poll – all new to the re-vamped web site. Although the web site has a new look, what remains unchanged is the access the site gives to a wealth of information on development issues. Check it out and tell us what you think. Send us your comments and questions.

2. CCIC Endorses KYOTOPlus


KYOTOPlus is a Canadian public engagement campaign to support an urgent solution to the global warming crisis. It is a national, non-partisan, petition-centred campaign dedicated to improving Canada’s climate change policies.  The petition has garnered over 50,000 signatures to date and is looking for broader sign-on and support in the countdown to the United Nations climate change summit in Copenhagen (through December 2009).   CCIC is a participating organization. Get involved and sign-on.

3. Canadian CSOs provide input to CIDA food security strategy


The Canadian Food Security Policy Group has submitted a brief to CIDA outlining CSO views on how CIDA should approach its work in food security, which was announced as a priority theme for Canadian ODA in May 2009. The FSPG has proposed “CIDA’s investments in food security must…address the human rights and food insecurity of the world’s most vulnerable people, consistent with the ODA Accountability Act. …Overall Canada’s food security strategy should focus on small holder male and female farmers, helping promote resilient agriculture systems and rural livelihoods…Such a focus will help ensure the right to food is a central pillar of CIDA’s new thematic strategy.”  Bev Oda, Minister of International Cooperation, recently unveiled CIDA's Food Security Strategy as one of one of CIDA's three thematic priorities.

4. The Betty Plewes Fund – Award 2010


The third $15,000 award of the Betty Plewes Fund will be offered in the spring 2010. The Fund was created by CCIC’s Board of Directors to honour the contribution made by Betty Plewes while President-CEO of CCIC. The purpose of the Fundis to award an African non-governmental organization engaged in research and policy development on issues of priority to women. Submit nominations by December 11, 2009 to the Selection Committee by mail and email. Find out more about the Fund. For more information contact Sylvie Perras.

Upcoming Events

5. Preparatory Workshops – Open Forum on Civil Society Development Effectiveness


CCIC is organizing a series of preparatory workshops, to be held in Winnipeg (November 13), Ottawa (November 16), Toronto (November 17) and Montreal (November 18) to introduce participants to the ambitious global Open Forum process.  CCIC will also begin preparations for Canada's national consultation on principles and guidelines for CSO development effectiveness to be held March 16-18, 2010 (note these dates have been changed from previously announced dates in February).  The workshops aim to explain to Canadian CSOs the importance of the Open Forum and to answer the question: What are Canadian CSOs doing to improve their effectiveness and their accountability to make a real difference for development?  More information on who should attend, background materials and registration details are available.

6. Charity Law Education Project


The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has made public a new “Guidance” document for Canadian registered charities with overseas operations. In order to better understand the updated requirements of the CRA and the obligations of the Income Tax Act (ITA), CCIC will hold two more workshops this fall in Ottawa (November 5) and Toronto (November 23). Find out more and register for the workshops. The workshops are free of charge.

Setting Our Sites


7. AWID Web Site focus on Financial Crisis


The Association for Women’s Rights in Development (AWID) has a new web site section on the Global Crisis: Feminist Analysis and Information.  This section supports the work of women’s rights advocates, organizations and movements. In this section you’ll find the latest news, analysis and interviews exploring the impact of the current global crisis on women worldwide.

Worth Looking At


8. Resource Extraction, Human Rights and Corporate Social Responsibility in Colombia


Inter Pares, Mining Watch and Censat-Friends of the Earth Colombia have recently published Land and Conflict – Resource Extraction, Human Rights, and Corporate Social Responsibility: Canadian Companies in Colombia.  This report looks at four case studies of Canadian extractive investment projects in Colombia and analyzes potential human rights risks, referring to Rights and Democracy’s work on Human Rights Impact Assessments for foreign investment projects, and framework principles developed by the United Nations Special Representative on human rights and transnational corporations.

Ethics in a Flash


9. Who or What is Dear Ms. Ethics?

Dear Ms Ethics, an advice column that appears regularly in Flash, is a communication vehicle of CCIC’s Ethics Review Committee (ERC). Ms Ethics exists to help members understand and implement the CCIC Code of Ethics and Operational Standards.  Staff and volunteers of CCIC members are encouraged to raise ethical questions with one another and to regularly dialogue on ethical dilemmas.  The Ethics Review Committee is available to support such questioning and dialogue – whether relating to a potential ethical dilemma or an existing dilemma about which you are seeking an opinion and guidance on appropriate actions. The approach of the Committee is not to tell organizations what to do, but to explain which ethical principles and standards need to be considered, what actions would be most appropriate and what actions could be unethical.  Detailed answers are provided to the organizations that raise the question, and then brief versions are shared with all CCIC members via Dear Ms Ethics.   Do you have a question? Are you wondering what might be the ethical dimensions of a particular decision you have to make? Write to Dear Ms Ethics.

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