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July 31, 2009

1. Coup d’état in Honduras


In a letter to Prime Minister Stephen Harper on the recent coup d’état in Honduras, CCIC’s Americas Policy Group called on the Prime Minister to "apply decisive pressure on the illegal interim government in the form of strong sanctions”, and support the application of international law and national justice against the perpetrators.

2. Justice for Marcelo Rivera – El Salvador


In a letter to Peter Kent, Minister of State of Foreign Affairs (Americas), CCIC’s Americas Policy Group (APG) called for an investigation into the torture and murder of Marcelo Rivera, a Salvadoran human rights defender and community activist.  Rivera was an activist in the National Roundtable Against Metallic Mineral Mining – a forum of approximately 120 municipal governments, community groups, churches, and non-governmental organizations. Roundtable debates contributed to the eventual withholding of operating permits to the Canadian mining corporation Pacific Rim at the El Dorado mine site.   The APG has asked Canadian officials to call on the Government of El Salvador to ensure a prompt and impartial investigation into Rivera’s death.

3. Human Rights Impact Assessment for the Canada-Colombia Free Trade Deal

CCIC has produced a briefing note laying out key requirements for a credible and effective human rights impact assessment for the Canada-Colombia Free Trade Agreement. All three opposition parties are calling on the Canadian government to undertake such a process before proceeding with the implementation of the trade deal. The briefing note summarizes key points from a longer paper commissioned from Dr. James Harrison of the Centre for Human Rights in Practice at the University of Warwick.

4. Sport Matters


The Sport Matters Group (an informal group of sport leaders and organizations advocating on sport policy issues) connects practitioners, citizens, researchers, and policy-makers focused on sport as a tool for individual and community development in Canada and abroad. The Sport Matters Group would like to learn from organizations that use sport to support international cooperation outcomes. For more information or to share sport-for-development activities contact Ian Bird, Senior Leader, at Sport Matters.

5.Global Citizenship Grants Discontinued


The Walter and Duncan Gordon Foundation has discontinued its Global Citizenship grants and 2009-2010 will be the fourth and final year of the Gordon Global Fellowships.  The Global Citizenship grants supported the work of young Canadians and Diaspora communities in shaping Canada's role in the world.  In terms of international programs, the Foundation will focus on CIDA reform.

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