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Does size matter? Of course it does! And here are my top 4 reasons why

One of the tangible consequences of having a new government in Ottawa, true with any new government, is that words that once felt like they were almost outlawed are now acceptable and every day talk. In our world of international cooperation, words such as "sexual and reproductive rights", "feminism", "stakeholder consultation","advocacy" and others abound.

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Out now: “Transforming our world: Canadian perspectives on the Sustainable Development Goals”

With 2016 comes the implementation of the new 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, adopted last September at the United Nations.

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New publication by CCIC working groups

In December, CCIC’s three working groups – the Africa-Canada Forum, the Americas Policy Group and the Asia-Pacific Working Group – launched a brief exploring the relationship between investor lawsuits and human rights.

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The end of political activities audit program

The Canadian government announced in January the winding down of the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) political activities audit program for charitable organizations.

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Update on the SDGs process

January marks the shift from global dialogue, to action and implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Work on the indicators – conducted by the Inter-Agency and Expert Group on SDGs has almost been completed.

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Workshop on Public Engagement organized by GAC

On January 12, Global Affairs Canada (GAC, through Global Citizens Program) organized a workshop on Public Engagement, aimed at dialogue and knowledge exchange on engaging Canadians.

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Shadow Ministerial Brief

CCIC issued an open brief to the Minister of International Development in January, focusing on some of the priority international development challenges and policy areas that Canadian civil society organizations (CSOs) have been addressing over the past few years.

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First CCIC Women's Leaders' Forum

On March 10 and 11 in Ottawa, CCIC will hold its first ever Women Leaders’ Forum!

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International Cooperation Days 2016

Join us in Ottawa for stimulating and engaging discussions, presentations and debates!

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Emerging Leaders Network Update

The ELN, a peer-led and collaborative group supported by the Canadian Council for International Co-operation (CCIC) is thrilled to launch its first logo and will soon launch its new CCIC website page!

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Meeting with Erik Solheim, Chair, OECD-DAC

On January 13, CCIC (in collaboration with Aga Khan Foundation Canada) convened a meeting between Canadian international civil society organizations and Erik Solheim, Chair of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development’s Development Assistance Committee (OECD-DAC).

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Ministerial roundtable on humanitarian assistance

On December 3, CCIC joined a dozen other organizations for an initial meeting with Minister of International Development Marie-Claude Bibeau on humanitarian assistance.

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International Development Week 2016 - February 7-13

International Development Week (IDW) 2016 is just around the corner!

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Report to Parliament on the Government of Canada's Official Development Assistance — 2014-2015

The 2014-15 Official Development Assistance Report to Parliament was released in December by the Government of Canada, in accordance with the Official Development Assistance Accountability Act.

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Welcome to Gavin Charles who joins CCIC team as Policy Officer!

We are thrilled to welcome Gavin Charles to our team as Policy Officer.

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Job posting services offered by CCIC

Did you know that CCIC Employment Section is the most popular one on our website?

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MEMBER PROFILE: Farm Radio International

This month CCIC met with Kevin Perkins, the Executive Director of Farm Radio International to discuss World Radio Day and their upcoming Boom Box event, priorities for the new government, why radio is here to stay and much more!

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A New Year's Resolution: 0.7 percent by 2020 – RESULTS Canada

RESULTS Canada recently launched a campaign asking the federal government to achieve the target of 0.7 percent of national income dedicated to development assistance by 2020--50 years after former Prime Minister Lester B. Pearson first set the bar.

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RESULTS Canada 2016 Conference: Voices that Change the World

The RESULTS Canada National Conference is a biennial event that brings together Canadians, global experts, seasoned advocates and key decision-makers to learn, inspire and empower participants to create a more just world.

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Share your Welcome. Show Your Care – CARE Canada

CARE Canada is asking Canadians to create a short 15-second video welcoming Syrian refugees and telling them what you think they will love about Canada.  The video must then be uploaded to

Artist for Change: the Together Art Contest - Aga Khan Foundation Canada

Aga Khan Foundation Canada is looking for talented Canadians to create a piece of artwork showing why you care about global development for their travelling exhibition Together: An exhibition on global development.

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Ending tax havens – Oxfam-Québec

Each year, developing countries lose 170 billion because of tax havens. Each dollar lost is a missed opportunity to fight poverty and inequality, here and abroad.

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New in Development Unplugged

The latest articles published in CCIC's blog Development Unplugged include a reflection on  redefining how we measure success in international development;...

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New tools for working with the SDGs

The Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN) has launched SDG.Guide...

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Government makes it easy to transmit e-petitions ​

Welcome to 2016! The Parliament of Canada has created a new section website that makes it easy for organizations and individuals to create and share online petitions.

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Human Rights: What the new Government of Canada must do

Elected on October 19 with a majority, the new federal government has a critical opportunity to reengage with constitutional protections and see through numerous campaign commitments.

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Amnesty International’s Human Rights Agenda for a new Canadian Government

The change in government following the October 2015 federal election must now become the catalyst for a new approach and strengthened commitment to...

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Year in Review: 2015 in 12 charts

Now that we've reached the end of 2015, it's clear this was a year of major milestones, emerging trends, and new beginnings.

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Everything you wanted to know about aid!

In the context of the United Kingdom realizing 0.7, and faced with a backlash against this commitment to the world’s poor, UK National Platform BOND has released, Aid-Z: The No Nonsense Guide to UK Aid and Development.

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Africa the biggest loser in IFFs - new GFI study reveals

This report from Global Financial Integrity, “Illicit Financial Flows from Developing Countries: 2004-2013,” finds that developing and emerging economies lost US$7.8 trillion in illicit financial flows from 2004 through 2013, with illicit outflows increasing at an average rate of 6.5 percent per year—nearly twice as fast as global GDP.

New documentary: Poverty, INC.

Drawing from over 200 interviews filmed in 20 countries, POVERTY, INC. has earned over 40 international film festival honors including a "Best of Fests" selection to IDFA Amsterdam - the biggest documentary festival in the world.

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Financialization – A Primer

The Transnational Institute has produced aBeginner’s guide to financialisation: how it works, how it shapes our lives, the forces that lie behind it, and how we can resist.”

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International Cooperation Days 2016
May 10, 2016 Evening Public Event co-hosted with University of Ottawa and CAIDP

May 11-12, 2016 CCIC Annual Conference - Wabano Centre for Aboriginal Health

May 13, 2016 Global Affairs Canada Consultation
Save the date!

First CCIC Women’s Leaders’ Forum
March 10-11, 2016
Save the date!


2016 Ottawa Forum: Building a Foreign Policy for Canada’s Future – CIPS / Canada 2020
Ottawa, Ontario
Januray 28-29, 2016

Ending HIV through Innovation
Ottawa, Ontario
February 3, 2016

2016 International Development Week
February 7-13, 2016

Canada on the Global Stage: Exploring Canada's Image and Role in the World
Montreal, Quebec
February 11-12, 2016

BoomBox: A live webcast about change in the world of radio
Ottawa, Ontario
February 13, 2016

RESULTS Canada 2016 Conference: Voices that Change the World
Ottawa, Ontario
April 16-17, 2016

Save the date! Smart Global Development conference
Ottawa, Ontario
April 13-14, 2016

CIVICUS International Civil Society Week: Active Citizens, Accountable Actions
Bogotá, Colombia
April 25-28, 2016

2016 CALACS Conference: Hybrid Communities, Societies, Spaces, and Subjectivities
Calgary, Alberta
June 1-3, 2016

2016 World Social Forum
Montreal, Quebec
August 9-14, 2016

2016 Canadian Humanitarian Conference: Canada’s role as a humanitarian actor on the global stage
Ottawa, Ontario
October 6-7, 2016

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