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CCIC presents


APWG Symposium 2013: Trade, Investment, and Human Rights in Asia
16 April 2013


APWG : Annual Members’ Meeting
17 April 2013
Register with Denis Coté


CCIC AGM and Forum
23-24 May 2013


In conversation with Duncan Green
May 10, 2013
Details to follow


upcoming events

AKFC Seminars on Innovative Financing for Development
30 April 2013
16 May 2013


Africa Communicating: Digital Technologies, Representation, Power
May 1-3, 2013
Institute of African Studies Carleton University


Canada and the Americas: Travelling-Knowledges-Peoples-Solidarities
CALACS Congress
May 3-5, 2013


Governing natural resources for Africa’s Development
29 May 2013
The North-South Institute


Run for Biodiversity
USC Canada
May and Oct 2013
Various cities


CCIC In The News

Canada criticized for tying foreign aid to commerce
Agence France-Presse
6 March 2013


Canada cuts direct foreign aid to China
The Globe and Mail
20 March 2013


Federal budget folds CIDA into Foreign Affairs
CBC News
21 March 2013


Budget and CIDA
CBC Radio - Ottawa Morning
22 March 2013


CIDA-Foreign Affairs Merger
CBC Power and Politics
22 March 2013


Canada's revamped approach to aid likely to leave bitter taste, say experts
The Guardian
25 March 2013

Las instancias de cooperación internacional canadienses inquietas por viraje gubernamental
Radio-Canada International
25 March 2013


NGOs see risks ahead with merger
27 March 2013


Should international aid serve Canada’s commercial interests?
28 March 2013


Will it be a ‘New Deal’ or a ‘Raw Deal’ for FCAS?
3 April 2013


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A Call to Action

I was going to write this month about our Leaders Forum, held on Feb 27th under the heading of “Working Together with Change” and which brought together approximately 70 leaders from our sector – EDs/CEOs, members of your boards, and some communications staff. I was going to reiterate how much we appreciated the great inputs provided on the “Redefining our Narrative” initiative for the sector, and also our thanks for the patience with which you sat through and participated in the ceremonious sharing of the responses to the survey which identified other areas of possible collaboration for the sector and roles for CCIC. Also to thank those of you who have written in saying how much you appreciated the forum, and in particular the interaction with the four journalists who were with us in the morning, the short but lively and graphic intervention from our colleague Stephen Faul from Imagine Canada on their Narrative project, and the opportunity to discuss issues of common interest and network with peers.

However, I have decided instead to share some thoughts with you today on the issue of the amalgamation of CIDA with DFAIT announced in the budget two weeks ago. And I have further decided to make this a call to action for the sector.


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Federal Budget 2013: CIDA and poverty reduction further sidelined?

Having deflated the international assistance envelope (IAE) – and with it Canadian aid - in last year’s budget by $1.2 billion in cumulative cuts between 2012 and 2015 (relative to a flat lined IAE), Budget 2013 could further undermine Canadian aid by putting the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) within the remit of a new Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development.


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Alternative federal budget – Doing better together

Ten days ahead of Budget 2013 the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives released “Alternative Federal Budget 2013: Doing better together ”. This year’s report included a section on International Development by CCIC that focused on four key issues for the government in Budget 2013.


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Olivier de Schutter’s report on right to food in Canada

In Olivier De Schutter, the UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food, delivered a report on his mission to Canada to the UN Human Rights Council on March 04, 2013. In this report, De Schutter finds that Canada has the means to do much more to ensure the realization of the right to food of its citizens.


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New blog on Aid and Development in the Ottawa Citizen is up!

The new blog on Aid and Development, hosted by the Ottawa Citizen, was launched the last week of March. This unique Canadian platform provides a space to present, discuss and debate current issues and challenges in relation with the role of Canada in international development, as well as stories from the field.


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In conversation with Lilian Chaterjee

On March 19th, CCIC hosted an informal exchange with Lilian Chatterjee, Director General, Thematic and Sectoral Policy, Strategic Policy and Performance Branch, on CIDA’s approach to working with the extractive industry.


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Second workshop on the rules of lobbying for NGOs

Last fall CCIC hosted a workshop for NGOs entitled “The Rules of Lobbying”. The workshop covered the essentials of both CRA regulations associated with "political activities" as well as emerging potential changes to the federal Lobbying Act.


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Have you saved the date for the 2013 CCIC Annual Forum and AGM?

Planning is well underway and in the coming weeks we will send out a notice with the registration package for this year’s Annual Forum and AGM. Entitled “Development and social transformation as shared responsibility: building new bridges and connections”.


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Popular blogger and development practitioner Duncan Green coming to Ottawa!

CCIC, in collaboration with the Center for International Development and Global Studies at the University of Ottawa, Oxfam Canada and Octopus Books, is bringing Duncan Green, Strategic Advisor to Oxfam UK and author of the popular blog, From Poverty to Power, to Ottawa on May 10.


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New on CCIC’s blog

Jody Heymann and Kristen McNeill are co-authors of Children’s Chances: How Countries can Move from Surviving to Thriving (Harvard University Press, 2013)...

Also, and following up on the publication of the Human Development Report 2013, CCIC/APWG Research Assistant Kai-Hsin Hung has written a post on how the rise of the South presents opportunities for new development partnerships and approaches.


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NEW! Coalition profile

To advance its policy agenda, support existing networks and have a greater impact, CCIC is involved in many coalitions. Each month we will be featuring one of them in Flash! so that you can get involved with them too.


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This section will be back next month!

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Guatemalan delegation report

Guatemalan human rights defender Aura Lolita Chávez Ixcaquic visited Canada in March to draw attention to the criminalization of activists resisting Canadian extractive projects on their territories.


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From 29 April to 3 May join RESULTS Canada and Live Below the Line

Join Results Canada and take the challenge of eating and drinking on $1.75 a day for 5 days to raise awareness and funds for the 1.4 billion people who live below the poverty line. If you want to find out more and get involved at the local level, join one of the group meetings held in Victoria, Calgary, Toronto, Ottawa, Gatineau, Montreal, Quebec City and virtually. More info available from and

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Government responds on aid and the private sector

On March 6th, the government released its response to  the sixth Parliamentary Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and International Development’s report, “Driving Inclusive Economic Growth: The Role of the Private Sector in International Development”,. The government largely agrees with the suggestions made by the committee, but also indicates that it is already doing most of what is being suggested.

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The Rise of the South

On March 14th, the United Nations Development Program launched “The Rise of the South: Human progress in a diverse world”, looking at the North-South shift in global economic and political affairs and profiling the positive shift of 18 out of 40 countries in the developing world that have surpassed expectations in human development over the past few decades. As always, the Report featured the Human Development Index, which ranked Canada 11th , ten spots behind Norway which ranked number one.

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New report on land grabs and food systems

A new report by IATP (Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy) profiles how land grabbing and its detrimental effects on food-insecurity will continue to accelerate as international trade and investment agreements favor corporate and financial interests over the right to food.

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Fragile States 2013: Resource Flows and Trends in a shifting world

This publication produced by the OECD takes stock of i) the evolution of fragility as a concept, ii) financial flows to and within fragile states between 2000 and 2010, and iii) trends and issues that are likely to shape fragility in the years to come. It is an important contribution to better understanding the challenges donors and governments continue to face in supporting Fragile and Conflict Affected States.

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What countries are thinking post-2015

The Global Call to Action Against Poverty and Beyond 2015 have produced an excellent Interim Synthesis Report summing up some key streams of thinking emerging from National Debates on the post-2015 agenda in 22 countries. 18 more national debates are expected. Among other things, emerging from the debates was the need for any post-2015 framework to focus on human rights, equality and justice, environmental sustainability and poverty eradication.

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Call for concept notes: Canadian Partnerships Small Grants, IDRC

IDRC invites applications for its 2013-2014 Small Grants for Innovative Research and Knowledge Sharing. Provided through the Canadian Partnerships program, these grants support research, knowledge-building, and knowledge-sharing projects. They also fund events and small dissemination activities and products.  These grants are open to local, regional, national, and international organizations incorporated and headquartered in Canada that produce or share knowledge for development. Individuals may not apply. Organizations new to IDRC are encouraged to apply. More information is available on IDRC site.

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