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APWG Webinar: Implications of free trade with India With Asfar Jafri (Focus on the Global South)
13 Feb 2013
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CCIC Leaders Forum
27 Feb 2013 Ottawa



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Visions of One World – Photo Contest
Crossroads International
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CWY Talks
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World Community Film Festival
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Walk in Her Shoes
CARE Canada
8 March 2013


Political Action Conference
Canadian Labour Congress 22 March 2013 Toronto


Write for a Better World
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5 April 2013


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CCIC In The News

ACDI, nouvelle orientation : Un recul, déplore Hélène Laverdière
Huguette Young Journal de Montréal
4 Jan 2013

Federal funding for NGOs
Chantal Havard CBC Radio at noon 14 Jan 2013

Financement des ONG et groupes religieux
Chantal Havard Phare Ouest, Radio-Canada Vancouver
15 Jan 2013

Paper trail shows D&P cuts defied all advice
Michael Swan
The Catholic Register
17 Jan 2013

Whose business is it how we fund foreign aid?
Op Ed by Joseph Ingram and Julia Sanchez Postmedia News 28 Jan 2013

International aid organizations in Canada silenced by government
Marie-Eve Thériault
Global Development Observer
31 Jan 2013





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January has seen international development featured widely in the media again, this time around questions about Canada’s aid to Haiti. Though some will argue the debate is not always as well informed as it should be - given the seriousness of the issue for Haitians and for Canada’s role in the world - I remain on the camp of those that see the silver lining on the dark cloud, and think that this public debate is much better than no debate at all. Of course, like in any public debate, the risk that the conversation will be taken in very unproductive directions is very real, especially when the tone and language being used are paternalistic and contribute to nurture clichés about poor people and developing countries …. However, it is an invitation and a great opportunity for us to also jump in with reasoned and informed contributions that emanate from the years of experience and engagement that our sector has in Haiti specifically, in complex emergency situations and in fragile states more generally.



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Donor approaches for engaging with the private sector

The North-South Institute and CCIC have released a new paper, Investing in the business of development – Bilateral Donor approaches to engaging the private sector. The paper, which includes an Executive Summary, maps the strategies on the private sector and economic growth of the OECD’s 23 bilateral donors against a broad range of themes and sub-themes.


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Thinking Outside the MDG Box Conference Report now available

IP calendar

The report of the post-2015 conference that CCIC co-organized with the Canadian Association for the Study of International Development (CASID) is finished. The goal of this conference was to bring international development, environment and human rights practitioners and academics together to contribute towards shaping Canadian civil society’s response to the global development framework that will succeed the MDGs when they expire in 2015. Also, four videos from the conference are available on CCIC’s YouTube channel.

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Digging Deep: Women’s Rights, Canadian Policy and Global Engagement

On January 22, CCIC, Oxfam Canada and Match International organized a meeting of the CCIC Women’s Rights Group to assess the current policy environment in Canada and implications for gender and development policy and check energy levels to take action collectively to advance women’s rights in Canada and in the global South.


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Survey on CCIC’s Code of Ethics

CCIC is launching an online survey as part of a special research project related to charting a sustainable course for the future of the CCIC Code of Ethics and Operational Standards. An online survey is the first step to begin a reflective process among the CCIC membership. The questions are designed to provide information about the members’ experiences with the current compliance process; to identify how members currently identify with the process; and to provide ideas for moving forward.


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The African Mining Vision: A Transformative Agenda for Development

The Africa-Canada Forum backgrounder on the African Mining Vision stands as an outcome of its annual colloquium on the Role of the Private Sector in Africa’s Development. It was also prepared in view of the 2013 South Africa Mining Indaba, the world’s largest gathering of mining’s most influential stakeholders and decision-makers, and where Minister of International Trade and Minister, Ed Fast, was expected to participate.


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CIDA IATI implementation schedule

Towards the end of December, CIDA published its implementation schedule for how it will publish to the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI) standard. CIDA began publishing its first set of quarterly data files to the IATI registry at the end of October, becoming the first donor to publish bilingually.


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Imagine Canada Survey on “Impact Proof Points” has been extended

As mentioned previously in FLASH, Imagine Canada is also engaged in redefining a new narrative for the charitable sector, and it is collecting "Impact Proof Points" from its members in order to illustrate the unique contribution of organizations in the charitable sector and what would be missing if these organizations did not exist.


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New on CCIC’s blog

We have three recent posts on our blog! Following the publication of a new report by the North-South Institute and CCIC, entitled “Investing in the Business of Development: Bilateral Donor Approaches to Engaging the Private Sector”, Fraser Reilly-King, co-author of the report, has written a blog, where he explains how donors countries are engaging with the private sector. And since 2013 is International Year of Statistics, Fraser also wrote a piece on CCIC’s project aimed at gathering metrics for our sector. Finally, following up on a workshop organized by the Humanitarian Coalition and the Food Security Policy Group, Paul Hagerman from the Canadian Foodgrains Bank and Fraser Reilly-King from CCIC wrote a blog on resiliency and long term development.


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Alberta Council for Global Cooperation (ACGC)


ACGC staff work on developing the 'Development in a Box' program

This month CCIC spoke with Heather McPherson, Executive Director at ACGC, which is made up of 70 very diverse member organizations. ACGC members work in Alberta and around the world in many geographical and thematic areas. Heather tells us about ACGC’s involvement with students and teachers through “Development in a Box”, which was created to build a connection between ACGC member organizations and the Alberta education system. She also talks about upcoming events and many opportunities to engage during International Development Week, which is taking place nationally on Feb. 3-9, 2013.

Read the full interview...


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It is International Development Week!

For more than 20 years, CIDA has been promoting the International Development Week (IDW), which takes place the first full week of February. This year again, from February 3-9, hundreds of events will be organized throughout the country by Canadian Civil Society Organizations involved in international development, around the theme “I am making a difference”.


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Order of Canada awarded to President of CCIC member organization

Venkatesh Mannar, President of CCIC member Micronutrient Initiative (MI) has recently been awarded the Order of Canada. Mr. Mannar has spent his career working to reduce debilitating micronutrient deficiencies among the world´s most vulnerable, and he has led MI since 1994. The international development community in Canada can feel very proud to have Mr. Mannar amongst us!

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Updates on the Campaign to “Reverse the Cuts”

In recent weeks, as the House of Commons Finance Committee was considering its recommendations for Budget 2013, representatives of the campaign met with several members of the committee and other key Parliamentary offices to share their analysis of the cuts to CIDA’s budget and their concerns with the impact these cuts will have on the world’s poor.


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Tracking Post-2015 Platform

The North-South Institute has launched an innovative tool for analyzing proposals on the post-2015 framework. The clear, quantifiable and time-bound nature of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), with goals, targets and indicators by which progress can be measured, has been heralded as one of the most valuable features of the MDGs.


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Call for Applications: 2013 Alan Thomas Fellowship

The call for applications for the 2013 Alan Thomas Fellowship to Promote Civil Society and Voluntary Action is now open. The Fellowship was first awarded in 2008, and there are now seven Fellowship recipients whose research and reflection has made a significant contribution towards strengthening leadership for civil society and promoting greater understanding of the importance of voluntary action.


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More tools for CSOs to improve Development Effectiveness

The CSO Development Effectiveness Web Portal is an open online platform where civil society practitioners interested in and working towards improving the impact of their work in development, can access and share tools, resources and case studies with others also working on improving their effectiveness.

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New graphic on aid spending in Haiti

The National Post has published an interesting graphic detailing how the Canadian aid money is being allocated in Haiti, by sector and type of projects. It also provides information on child mortality, life expectancy and literacy rate for all CIDA countries of focus. Another visual shows the evolution of Canadian Official Development Assistance (ODA) spending as a percentage of the Gross National Income (GNI).

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