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Member Profile: L’ŒUVRE LÉGER
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CCIC Presents: In conversation with Marketa Evans
2:00-4:00 pm
20 June 2012
200-450 Rideau St. Ottawa, ON



CCIC In The News

Morning Show – Public Affairs
Co-op Radio
13 June 2012
Colombians Refuse Canadian Mine: Farmers' stance against extractive project ignored in Ottawa
The Dominion
4 June 2012
Enabling environment increasingly a concern as CSOs in talks on post Busan - Spotlight Canada
Open Forum for CSO Development Effectiveness Blog
29 May 2012


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Dear colleagues,

The week of May 22 – 25 was a key one for the CCIC team, and for the community in many ways. We started the week by hosting an internal dialogue on mining and development, and more specifically on the controversial issue of modalities of engagement with the extractive industry. Twenty people from 14 organizations came together to share information on their diverse approaches on the mining sector, discuss commonalities that bring us together, and identify and debate some of the key issues on which we have important differences. As convenor and facilitator for the day, I came away feeling that we achieved the best result possible: an honest, respectful and substantial conversation on a key issue for international development. But it was only a first step in tackling a very controversial, complex and important challenge facing our sector, and we are now reflecting on next steps. A full report of the meeting will be available soon. Read more...

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CCIC speaks on role of private sector in development

On May 28, Fraser Reilly-King, CCIC Policy Analyst on Aid, appeared before the Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and International Development to participate as a witness in their study on “The Role of the Private Sector in Achieving Canada’s International Development Interests”. CCIC had three messages for the Committee that complemented a number of previous interventions. Read more...

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CCIC welcomes Olivier De Schutter

Olivier de Schutter
Olivier de Schutter presents to CSO gathering at University of Ottawa May 14, 2012

On May 14, one day before the Canadian government tabled its first human rights impact report of the Canada-Colombia Free Trade Agreement (CCOFTA), Olivier De Schutter, renowned human rights expert and the UN Special Rapporteur for the Right to Food, met with civil society organizations to discuss human rights and trade and investment treaties. Read more...

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Stronger research links between academia and CSOs

CCIC was invited by the Canadian Association for the Study of International Development (CASID) to attend their 2012 conference Crossroads: Rethinking Development Theory and Practice in an Uncertain World and give a presentation on CCIC’s work and areas of research. Read more...

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L'oeuvre Leger
Youth engaged in L’ŒUVRE LÉGER's partner program in Philippines

For over 60 years, L’ŒUVRE LÉGER – generally referred to in English as the Léger Foundation, has worked to promote human dignity, by supporting and reinforcing community initiatives carried out by organizations that work alongside the most marginalized populations, while facilitating public participation and maximizing the impact of donations. This month’s member profile looks at one of Léger Foundation programs with a partner in India, and we hear from Executive Director Norman MacIsaac on the current wave of activism in Quebec. Read more...

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CJFE report

New report from Canadian Journalists for Free Expression

For the third year in a row, the federal government received failing grades from Canadian Journalists for Free Expression in a report card on freedom of expression in Canada. The report card, included in the annual Review of Free Expression in Canada, highlights how access to information at the federal level is marred by secrecy and delays - the federal government continues its stonewalling tactics to deter journalists, muzzles scientists from speaking to media about their research, and is failing to do its part to protect our digital rights, according to this CJFE report.

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New report from Oxfam CanadaOxfam Report

A new report from Oxfam entitled "The Devil is in the Detail: The importance of comprehensive and legally binding criteria for arms transfers" shows the extent to which states have been systematically ignoring the 26 UN, regional or multilateral arms embargoes in force since 2000. Oxfam is calling on the international community to create an Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) which include legally binding criteria that prevent arms transfers to abusers of human rights or into situations where there is a substantial risk that they will undermine development or exacerbate armed violence.

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CIDPNorth-South Institute launches Canadian International Development Platform

The North-South Institute has launched the Canadian International Development Platform (CIDP), a unique data and analytical platform on Canada’s engagement with the developing world. This open data initiative is an incredible tool for research and analysis. The CIDP’s interactive dashboards are freely downloadable in a variety of formats for up-to-date development data that is easy to organize and interpret.


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