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Human Rights


Human Rights

Editorial: Human Rights – The Great Leveller
By Gerry Barr


Welcome to the inaugural edition of the new e-Au Courant. We hope you enjoy the new accessibility, illustrations and links to further resources and reading.


The theme of this issue is human rights – not so much human rights as a self-evident good, but human rights as the fundamental ingredient for strategies to eradicate poverty, to advance equality, development and democracy.
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The Rights Route to Development: Implications for Our Shared Agenda
The Rights Route to Development By Gauri Sreenivasan
Sreenivasan, CCIC's Policy Coordinator, traces the deep connections between human rights and development work. She identifies key human rights principles and describes how a human rights approach can be a powerful tool for working on our shared agenda.
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Overdue: Action on Women’s Rights and Gender Equality
Action on Women's Rights and Gender Equality By Robert Fox
Fox, Executive Director of Oxfam Canada, links the denial of gender equality to persistent poverty and powerlessness. Acting to change this is fundamental to a successful development strategy with wide-ranging effect on family and community well-being.
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Human Rights and Trade in Colombia: A Bishop’s Perspective
Human Rights and Trade in Colombia Interview with Bishop Juan Alberto Cardona
Bishop Juan Alberto Cardona, Leader of Colombia’s Methodist Church, explains why a NAFTA-style trade deal between Canada and Colombia is unlikely to benefit the majority of Colombians and could entrench injustice.
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Amnesty’s Campaign for the Rights of People Living in Poverty
Amnesty's Champaign for the Rights of People Living in Poverty By Cheryl Hotchkiss
Hotchkiss, former campaigner with Amnesty International Canada, describes the rationale behind Amnesty’s upcoming campaign for protection of the rights of people living in poverty. Marginalization and discrimination are not simply the markers of poor policy, she argues, they are the result of violations of fundamental human rights.
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Women's Rights

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Drama groups communicate HIV and AIDS messaging through traditional song, dance, poetry and plays.


Trade in Colombia

© Jim Hodgson


Bishop Juan Alberto on Parliament Hill, Ottawa, Canada.


Amnesty International

© Amnesty International


Grassy Narrows clan mother Judy DaSilva at a demonstration for Indigenous land rights at the Ontario legislature.



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